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Reporting Cybercrime In Hyderabad To Be Made Easier, Police Asks Victims To File Complaints Via Email



Reporting Cybercrime In Hyderabad To Be Made Easier, Police Asks Victims To File Complaints Via Email

The Hyderabad cybercrime police division took the maxim “a stitch in time saves nine” to heart when it decided to make reporting cyber crimes in the city simpler.

With cyber criminals working overtime and the number of financial frauds on the rise, the city’s cybercrime police division has requested victims to report cybercrime by email so that they can track down and recover the money more easily. In several recent instances in the city, victims of online crime have been late in reporting a crime, not wanting to report it at a police station.

“If the complaints are made in time at least through email with some evidence, we can begin the investigation without delays. In case of OTP fraud cases, we might even be able stop the money transfer at the payment gateways,” said KVM Prasad, ACP (Cybercrime), Hyderabad.

Around 10 cases weekly are reported at the Hyderabad cybercrime Police Station on an average. A few more cases of frauds like lottery, matrimonial and gift parcels are also reported.

In most of these cases, the money is transferred to accounts of the fraudsters based in states like Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi.

“There is a greater chance of the victim getting back the money if the complaint is made promptly. We can approach the payment gateways concerned and ensure the transaction is cancelled and the money is remitted back to the account of the victim,” said the ACP.

The police are also exploring the possibility of accepting such complaints via the Dial 100 facility as well. However, the issue is that they are apprehensive of receiving false complaints and misleading information. Officials feel email could be the easiest and the best mode of sending in a complaint.

The victims can contact the cybercrime police station by sending an email to or calling on 040-27852412.

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