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Scam Alert! Cyber Criminals Steal Money Via This New Trick On WhatsApp



Cyber Criminals Steal Money Via This New Trick On WhatsApp

NEW DELHI: Because of the growing popularity of WhatsApp, cyber thugs have begun to use its services as well. They steal money by gaining access to people’s bank accounts in a variety of methods.

Cyber crooks are using a new scheme to defraud people on this site these days. The con begins with the words ‘Hello Mom’ and ‘Hello Dad.’ After then, the money laundering procedure begins. There have been numerous instances of this in the UK.

According to estimates, scammers have defrauded nearly 5 million pounds (about 50 crore rupees) in the last few months using this scam. Thugs took roughly 3000 pounds from a person in the UK. This form of fraud is also prevalent in India.

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But what exactly is this scam? According to WhatsApp users, fraudsters start by sending ‘Hello Mom’ and ‘Hello Dad’ messages. They then claim to be the victim’s son or daughter and inform them that he or she is in serious financial problems and requires assistance. When asked why they’re sending a message from a different number, they say it’s because their phone was stolen and they’re communicating from a friend’s phone. In some cases, thugs even create fake accounts. After giving assurances of all kinds, the fraudsters then ask the other person to send the money.

WhatsApp is also constantly alerting its users to be conscious of such cases of fraud increasing. The company has appealed to the people to stay alert from such messages and to verify them.

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How can you be safe?

  • It is better to ignore messages coming from an unknown number. Even if you think that the unknown number is familiar to you, do not click on any kind of link given in the message.
  • Do not transfer money to someone asking for it from an unknown number and describing them as your relative.
  • Before sending money, make sure to verify whether it is a real person or not.
  • You must call that person’s original phone number before sending out any money.
  • Before transferring money, also check the name of the account holder. If there is a difference between the name of the person seeking help and the name given in the account, consider it a red flag.

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