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Self Trained Hacker Arrested for withdrawing Rs 2.18 lakh through UPI Fraud

By Shashank Shekhar in New Delhi



Uttar Pradesh police have arrested a notorious man who got ‘self-trained’ in committing cyber crimes during the lockdown. He was caught in police net when he allegedly duped an Agra resident to the tune of Rs 2.18 lakh.
According to the police, Mukesh Kumar Tomar on June 24 found that Rs 2.18 lakh was missing from his account. Following this, he registered a case at the nearest police station. During tracking the money trail it was found that money was transferred to several accounts and portals by getting access to victim’s UPI account.
During the detailed investigation, cops found that Tomar took the assistance of accused Yogendra Kumar to open his UPI account. Kumar also used to deals with new mobile connections. After opening his UPI account, Kumar hatched a conspiracy and got a duplicate SIM of Tomar. Now he had his UPI details and mobile number to access OTP number. Kumar made numerous transactions from victim’s account and siphoned off over Rs 2.18 lakh.
Police tracked down all the transactions through digital surveillance and have arrested Kumar who has confessed his crime. He also told the police that he wanted to become a successful cyber criminal for which he was watching tutorials on the internet. To get more information about hacking and cyber crime Kumar also wanted to come to Delhi and Gurgaon for hacking lessons.

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