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Social Media Accounts Circulating Morphed Video, Abusive & Sexual Content Against Women Blocked By Govt



Social Media Accounts Circulating Morphed Video, Abusive & Sexual Content Against Women Blocked By Govt

NEW DELHI: The government of India deleted 78 accounts and handles on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram on Saturday as part of a huge anti-propaganda and anti-harassment campaign.

The Ministry of Electronics, Information and Technology (MeiTy) took action after receiving many complaints saying that certain handles, accounts, and channels were posting explicit content and attempting to cause community discord.

According to ministry sources, 73 Twitter identities have been suspended, four YouTube videos have been removed, and one Instagram game has been taken down.

Several films that had been circulating over the previous week, including the most recent altered recordings that featured cabinet briefings with overlay audio, have been suspended, and other accounts are being investigated.

Furthermore, similar to Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai app, action was taken against those accounts who were advocating sexual content against women from the majority population.

The Ministry has contacted YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, requesting that action be done against such accounts as soon as possible.

“Task force on Safe&Trusted Internet at @GoI MeitY at work. Handles tht tried to push fake/inciting content on twitter, youtube, fb, insta hv been blocked. Also A- Owners of accounts being ID’d for action under law. B-  To review platforms on their due diligence,” Rajeev Chandrashekhar, Minister of State for Information and Technology, tweeted in response to the action.

Owners of such accounts are being identified for legal action, according to the minister, who also stated that platforms will be scrutinised for their due diligence.

The minister responded to a tweet on Friday evening urging him to take action against the “creators of an extremely violent video that contains the Prime Minister” that “has been in the public domain since December 2020.”

“On the job. @GoI MeitY takes its responsibilities to keep the Internet Safe and Trusted and Intermediaries accountable for the content and due diligence extremely seriously,” the minister responded.

According to sources, the government has identified 73 Twitter identities, four YouTube videos, and one Instagram game.

Officials claimed on Friday that the Delhi Police had filed a complaint after discovering a modified video of a cabinet committee meeting in which some people attempted to portray the gathering as anti-Sikh.

Last year, the Centre imposed strict limits on social media platforms in one of the world’s largest internet markets in order to make them more accountable to end-users.

The laws mandate that social media companies remove offensive content more quickly, create grievance resolution officers, and cooperate in investigations.

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