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Stay Alert Of Cyber Crimes: Woman Orders Food For Rs 250, Loses Rs 50k

Cyber scams seem to be on the rise as the people are depending more on technology while staying indoors during the pandemic. If Covid was not enough to make life miserable, here come the evolved cyber scams that will make you lose thousands of rupees in a few seconds.

One of the many who have lost their money due to cyber scams is Savita Sharma, (58), resident of Yelachenahalli in South Bengaluru. She lost Rs 50,000 while trying to pay just Rs 250 for her food order on Facebook.

The incident took place when the victim saw an advertisement on Facebook that offered two thali meals if she buys one meal priced at Rs 250. Irresistible, isn’t it?

She dialed the contact number given on the advertisement. She was asked to pay Rs 10 in advance while the rest of the payment would be made at the time of delivery.

After this, she received a link on her phone and she was asked to fill a form that asked for her bank details.

Ignoring all the precautions, she gave her debit card details and PIN number. A few moments later, Rs 49,996 were withdrawn from her account.

When she contacted the food place again, the phone was switched off.

Savita filed a complaint at the Cyber Crime, Economic Offences & Narcotics (CEN) police station. Investigation in the matter is currently on.

Cybercriminals are always ready to take advantage of people’s dependence on the virtual world. Cybercrimes have doubled in the past few weeks.

Here are some tips to avoid such attacks:

 1) Change your passwords frequently

 2) Never click on phishing emails

 3) Two factor authentication

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