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Economic Fraud




The need for technology is increasing in a manner we had never visualised. Without technology, we can get permanently stranded in a touchless world with a fast shrinking capability to spend. *The hit and trial of technology which had been the order of the day, given the current situation cannot be appreciated any further.* Nobody has time, energy, money or endurance for the technology pedlars who have made spinning money their only profession. The fact is that hardware, software and services have matured to a considerable degree. *Even in this matured IT ecosystem, we have not made any progress in creating technology solutions.*

The real world problem is that the nitty gritty of technology is beyond the understanding of even best of the users. *The vendors have not improved a bit in the last two decades. Following the quarterly cycle, the sale has to happen for his existence.* Who has the time to understand the problem and find a tech solution. That was not supposed to their trade. Who can suggest you the technological value when *they see the world from the prism of what they are able to sell and make money out of.* Suffice to say we run on broken systems and make it somehow manageable so that our daily work goes on. *The confidence which the technology solutions need to generate has not happened.*

Not that only owner lacks the confidence, the consultant, the system integrator and the original equipment manufacturer are also no better off. *The try to evade each other technically and professionally that life remains smooth.* The bull has to be taken by its horns. Stitching Technology Solutions it the only answer. *It means that you break your head in understanding the requirements correctly; time, energy and effort should not be in short supply.* Then apply your technological expertise, knowledge of products, technical specifications & processes, compare and create the pricing competitive advantage. *The tech solution capability is dependent on your capability to integrate wide and varied gadgets, softwares and networks* into a very smooth robust functioning for that particular requirement.

In the fast changing world of requirements, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are in great demand for all high end forward looking solutions. The present consultancy type solutions of bringing the untested blocks together is not going to work out any further. Stitching Tech Solutions is the expertise which you ought to have to be in this trade. *The ability to envision the Solution, create a blueprint, mange stakeholders successfully, create an execution team suited for the purpose, project management to perfection, deliver the solution as per blueprint, commission and train the local resources to operate.* In case of further scalability, the cycle has to be repeated.

Sanjay Sahay

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