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Tesla Hacked: 19-Year Old Hacker Gets Remote Control Of 25 Tesla Cars In 13 Countries

A hacker from Germany has claimed to have full remote control of 25 Tesla electric cars in 13 countries, according to a surprising discovery.

Although the hacker claims to have taken control of 25 Tesla cars, he claims to have only pointed out a security flaw in the Tesla software. David Colombo, a 19-year-old German IT security specialist and ethical hacker, said on Twitter that a software flaw provided him complete control over Tesla automobiles.

To obtain access to the Tesla automobiles, the hacker claims he used API keys and third-party software. He further stated that the vulnerability is not due to Tesla, but rather to the owners.

So, what can the hacker do with the Tesla cars that have been hacked? He claims to be in command of the Sentry mode, as well as the door and window opening system, and Keyless Driving. He claims that he can disable Sentry mode, open the doors and windows, and start Keyless Driving with the access he has to these Tesla cars. He can also check the vehicle’s exact location and whether or not a driver is there, among other things. He can even take control of the affected automobiles’ infotainment systems.

The hacker also stated that Tesla has contacted him and that the company’s security team is looking into the matter. He also stated that he had no malicious motive.

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