‘The Undercover’ : A Cyber Crime Investigation Book written by Ishaan Sinha

Dear Officers, I am extremely delighted to launch My Next Book titled “The UNDER Cover” for our Law Enforcement Agencies and Other Security Forces on innovative cyber crimes, Innovative investigation skills, surveillance and counter intelligence & Security. This revolutionary book is aimed to assist our ground forces on actual needs and will act as an actual guide on crime detection using cyber intelligence.

1. Googlization Concepts, Intelligence Collection and Aid to Investigator.

2. IPDR Detailed Analysis: Myths and Reality

3. IPDR Dumps Analysis: Targetting a Needle In a Haystack

4. Spoof/Voip Call Analysis/Investigation: Latest Innovative Ways

5. SIMBox and Virtual Gateway Investigation

6. Website Hacking Investigation

7. Penetration Testing/Ethical Hacking Skills: Ways To Protect Yourself Or Target Enemy

8. Virtual Identity Tracking & Investigation: Whatsapp/Facebook and Other Social Media.

9. Email Hacking Investigation & Forensics

10. Malware Analysis: Identifying & Detecting Latest Threats and Investigation

11. Latest Innovative Job Frauds & Investigation

12. Latest Innovative Bank Frauds: Covering Ewallet, Debit/Credit Cards, UPI and Other Frauds.

13. Open Source Intelligence Collection Tools: State of the art tools

14. Open Source Forensic Toolkit For Every Investigator: State of the Art Tools.

15. Cyber Espionage On Defence Forces: Case Studies, Investigation and Forensics.

16. CCM: Crime and Criminal Mapping

17. Internet Interception Dump Analysis

18. Spoof SMS/Fraud Investigation

19. Different Types of FUDs, Detection and Investigation.

20. Innovative Disposable Identities on Various Media

21. Tools Used By Smartest Criminals For Covert Communication

22. Exploitation of Unknown Android Play App Stores Available and Innovative Apps By Criminals & Aid To Investigator.

23. Disposable Social Networks: Getting Prepared For Today and Tomorrow

24. Darknet: Detailed Analysis, Networks Available, Myths & Reality.

25. Counter Spying Bugged Cellphones: Identification & Detection From Latest Threats.

26. Counter Spying Bugged Computers: Identification & Detection From Latest Threats.

27. Counter Spying Infrastructure: Identification & Detection From Latest Threats.

28. Anonymous Operating Systems: Unknown OS, Use and Exploitation.

29. Decoy Hostpot Interception: Safeguard From Trust Claiming Networking, Issues.

30. Portable Hostspot Tracking: Innovative ways to Track Hotspot Dongles Used By Criminals

31. Bugs in Different Formats: PDF, Excel, Word, JPG, RAR, ZIP and Other Media.

32. Treat To Individual From Open Networks: Free public Wifi, Unknown Networks.

33. Social Media Monitoring, Investigation Techniques: State of the art tools for Tracking Keywords, Individuals, Locations.

34. Use of VPNs: Myths & Reality and What is Right To Use.

35. Proxy Tracking: Identification of Real Person Behind the Mask.

36. Metadata & Extracting Maximum Information From Various Media: Image, Video, Audio, MS Office, PDF and other Media.

37. Memory Analysis & Investigation: Extracting Maximum Information From Computer Memory.

38. Social Engineering Techniques Using Cyber Space: Ways You Can Get Hacked

39. Android Application Security Analysis: Is my app safe to use.

40. Securing My Browsing Activities

41. Cyber Jihad: Ways Technology is Exploited By Terrorist Groups

42. Phone Number Analysis: Networks & Other Information Extracted From a Phone Number.

43. Intelligence Gathering From Websites, Domains, IP Addresses: Different Ways to Investigation, Identification of Frauds.

44. Archived Identity Analysis.

45. Revenge Porn Case Investigation: Providing Maximum Aid To Victims

46. Matrimonial Sites Fraud: Different Types of Frauds and Investigation Skills.

*Cost of the Book:-.*

*Rs. 2950/- (Rs. 2500 + GST) Per Copy.*

The book is only available for law enforcement agencies, Intelligence agencies and other armed forces of India.

The hard work put behind this book aims to provide maximum aid to investigators while they are invesitgating the latest and most challenging issues available today.

Be Ready To Experience The Hard Work in Place and Let this Revolutionary Book Be Your Best Friend.

Ishaan Sinha
BlakTronics Investigation Labs
Ph: +91-9211999924
Email: [email protected]



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