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Cyber Crime

The420 Cybercrime Daily Digest: Stay Informed on Latest Online Scams and Fraudulent Activities



The420 Cybercrime Daily Digest: Keeping You Ahead of the Digital Crime Curve
  1. Bengaluru Police Introduces Helpline to Tackle Cyber Crime
    • The Bengaluru police have launched a dedicated helpline (1930) aimed at providing immediate assistance to victims of cybercrime.
    • The helpline is designed to address various cyber-related offenses, including online fraud, identity theft, phishing, and cyberbullying, among others.
    • Trained professionals will offer guidance and support to affected individuals, aiding them in reporting incidents and taking necessary steps to address the issue.
    • This initiative by law enforcement emphasizes the importance of enhancing cybersecurity measures and educating the public on staying safe online.
  2. Kannur Cyber Scam: Swindlers Dupe Victims of Rs. 3 Crore
    • The Kannur cyber scam involved sophisticated tactics used by fraudsters, resulting in the fraudulent acquisition of approximately Rs. 3 crore from unsuspecting victims.
    • The modus operandi and intricacies of this scam highlight the evolving strategies employed by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities and deceive individuals.
    • Authorities are actively investigating the incident, urging people to exercise caution and report any suspicious online activities promptly.
  3. Junagadh Schoolteacher Loses 10 Lakhs to Cyber Fraud; 4 Booked
    • The incident in Junagadh saw a schoolteacher falling victim to a substantial cyber fraud, losing Rs. 10 lakhs in the process.
    • Law enforcement agencies have taken swift action by identifying and booking four individuals suspected to be involved in orchestrating the fraudulent act.
    • This case underscores the significance of cybersecurity awareness and the necessity of robust measures to safeguard personal information.
  4. Cyber Fraudsters Cheat Banker of Rs. 1.14 Lakh
    • A banker was targeted and defrauded of Rs. 1.14 lakh by cybercriminals, indicating the susceptibility of professionals in various sectors to online scams.
    • The incident highlights the need for individuals to remain vigilant and adopt stringent security measures to protect their financial assets and sensitive data.
  5. Ghatkopar Woman Loses 5.35 Lakhs in Online Task Fraud
    • The Ghatkopar woman faced a significant financial loss of Rs. 5.35 lakhs due to falling victim to an online task-related fraud, emphasizing the risks associated with online transactions and engagements.
    • This incident serves as a reminder for individuals to verify the authenticity of online tasks or offers before sharing personal information or making financial transactions.
  6. Mumbai Man Defrauded of 1.47 Lakhs in Credit Card OTP Scam
    • The case of the Mumbai resident being defrauded of Rs. 1.47 lakhs in a credit card OTP scam sheds light on the deceptive methods employed by cybercriminals to obtain sensitive financial information.
    • It highlights the importance of exercising caution while sharing OTPs or sensitive banking details and verifying the authenticity of transactions.
  7. Malad Woman Loses 1.19 Lakhs in Online Fraud After Ordering Chair on Amazon
    • The Malad woman encountered a loss of Rs. 1.19 lakhs after being deceived in an online fraud incident subsequent to placing an order on Amazon.
    • This case emphasizes the necessity of verifying sellers and being cautious during online purchases to prevent falling victim to fraudulent activities.

Stay informed and cautious to protect yourself against cyber threats. Report any suspicious activities promptly to prevent further fraudulent incidents.

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