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The420 Wednesday Wrap: Snapshot Of Today’s Cyber Crimes Across The Country

Wednesday saw another burst of cyber crime reports in the media. From a Portuguese bank repaying a Gujarat businessman cheated by cybercriminals to investment job fraud in Bhopal and cheating two MNC managers in Hyderabad, here is a quick snapshot of what happened today.

Portuguese bank refunds Gujarat man cheated into depositing cash

A Portuguese bank has repaid roughly Rs 31 lakh to a businessman in Gujarat’s Vadodara city who was reportedly cheated into depositing the cash by cyber criminals.

According to the police, the complainant Ramesh Shah put Rs 31 lakh in an account at the bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos Braga’s Lisbon branch, and the money was returned when city cybercrime officials addressed the bank and the Lisbon cyber police with a request.

To investigate the case, a team was constituted. Vadodara police addressed Portuguese bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos at its Lisbon and Mumbai branches, as well as the SBI’s Frankfurt branch, in collaboration with the SBI. Cops also requested a refund from the Lisbon cybercrime police.

According to the report, Shah had acquired raw materials for borosilicate glass tubes from a German company and was going to deposit the payment into its official account when he received an email from an address that closely resembled that of the German firm.

Cyber criminals tricked Shah into believing that, due to a change in worldwide strategy, he could no longer transfer the money into his regular German bank account and was instead instructed to put it in a Portuguese bank.

FRAUD ALERT! Bhopal woman tricked into paying Rs 90,000 as stock investment

A Bhopal based woman doctor was tricked out of Rs 90,000 on the guise of investing in the stock market, which offered attractive returns during the previous year.

According to police, the complainant, Dr Akanksha Tiwari, 30, is a medical student at Gandhi Medical College in Koh-e-Fiza. In November 2020, she stumbled on a link to invest in the stock market on a social media group. When she contacted the numbers mentioned, she was advised to put her money in the stock market in order to reap handsome profits. She made some money at first. Later on, she was persuaded to invest enormous sums of money.

She did not receive any returns on her Rs 90,000 investment. When she couldn’t get her money back, she went to the cyber-crime unit.

Cybercriminals dupe Bhopal woman of Rs 50,000 under employment garb

An FIR was filed at the Awadhpuri police station in Bhopal by a 23-year-old woman who was cheated of Rs 49,600 under the guise of a part-time employment.

According to police, the victim got a text message on her phone on September 26 advertising a part-time employment. When she clicked on the link, she was taken to a WhatsApp number where one of the accused, Manraj Singh, emailed her various links under the guise of ‘tasks.’ When she clicked on those URLs, Rs 49,600 was deducted in four transactions from her UPI-linked online payment wallet.

When she urged Manraj to return her money, he gave her his manager Kumar’s phone number and told her to contact him. When she called Kumar, he sought an additional Rs 68,300, claiming that her money will be refunded.

MNC staffers lose lakhs in separate cases of cyber fraud

In two separate incidences of cyber fraud, two managers at two major MNCs in the Hyderabad lost Rs 56 lakh and Rs 6 lakh, respectively. The victim in the first case was enticed by the prospect of investing in Bitcoin trading, whilst the victim in the second case was enticed by the prospect of purchasing websites at a lower cost.

After realising they had been duped, the victims approached the authorities, and complaints were filed at the Cyberabad police department’s cyber crime wing.

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