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How Two Women ATM Hackers Withdrew Rs 32 Lakh: Know Details Here

JAIPUR: Two foreign women were caught in Udaipur who hacked six ATMs in Jaipur and withdrew Rs 32 Lakh. These women are no ordinary con-artists but were using a sophisticated device to get control over the machines. Accused were identified as a resident of Ugandan, Nantongo Alexandras and a Zambia resident Lora Keith.

The gang used Raspberry Pi, a credit-card-sized computer, to gain access to an ATM.  They took control in such a manner that the ATM began to take commands from them and made it dispense money.

Sleuths from SOG unit caught both of them in Udaipur and were produced in Jaipur court. Police claim that women had connections with other cyber criminals settled abroad.

Police said that women used to stay in a flat in Delhi on rent from where they used to carry out their crimes.  It was tough to identify them as they used to commit crimes by wearing wigs and salwar suits to hide their identity.

The gang used a unique device to gain control over ATMs. “The fraudsters purchased a device-Raspberry PI from Amazon worth Rs 7,000. The device is a kind of small computer, which works as a switch between computers and is connected to the Linux platform. The duo modified this device and configured it into a server. After entering the ATM they replaced the server port of the bank with their customised server and then link it to the ATM by connecting to Wi-Fi. Due to this, the connection of the ATM with the main server of the bank used to get delinked. Later, by inserting the ATM card in the machine, they would withdraw money. The message of withdrawal of money does not reach the main server of the bank as the server was replaced.

What exactly is the Raspberry Pi?

It is a low-cost, credit card-sized computer that can be used in conjunction with a computer monitor or television. It can do everything a desktop computer can do and works with a standard keyboard and mouse. Originally used for coding education, it is now widely used in a variety of fields, including robotics.

The fraudsters’ duo targeted the ATM located at isolated locations. Police said from July 16 to July 18 the gang siphoned Rs 32 lakh in total from different ATMs located at Mahesh Nagar, Sanganer, and Nehru Palace.  These two women are said to have done something similar in Kota. The two women tampered with an ATM at Keshavpura Bank of Baroda in Kota in order to withdraw money. They were, however, unable to succeed.

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