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This Special 26 Team Helped Crack Cyber Fraud Targeting Shabana Azmi In Mumbai

MUMBAI: A group of 26 graduates, including IIT graduates, assisted Maharashtra cyber police in apprehending a scammer who defrauded veteran actor Shabana Azmi online on June 24, 2021.

The gang was hired in June, according to cyber police, following a series of cyber attacks on state infrastructure from outside the country. These grads, according to an officer, are domain specialists who have handled instances involving international hackers as part of Google’s cyber security assessment.

More than 8,000 cases of cybercrime have been registered from 2017 to 2021 in the Maximum City alone. From this huge number around 900 cases have been solved to date. The newly hired 26 cyber crime specialists are helping in clearing the backlog and solving all the cases of not only Mumbai but of the whole state.

These specialists are experts in Google’s cyber security audit, especially concerning overseas hackers. The experts will also see how to strengthen our infrastructure from cyber terrorism. Shabana Azmi had tweeted on June 24, reporting about the fraud. She appealed to the people for staying alert and not falling prey to cyber criminals like her in alcohol frauds.

This was not the first time that such a crime had taken place. It had happened with a person in Andheri also who had been cheated of Rs 68 lakh.

The breakthrough in these cases was achieved after hiring these graduates. Special Inspector General of Police, Yashasvi Yadav said that Maharashtra is the first state to hire such a team of cyber specialists.

The team of cyber specialists had started working a week ago because their recruitment process had only been completed in June. Now the experts would look at the national cyber crime database and start solving other cases of the state, thus helping in tackling cyber crimes.

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