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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [09.07.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. Rs 38.25 Crore Stolen in Cyber Fraud Across India in Two Months: Police
Police arrested 28 people, including nine women, for cyber fraud, swindling Rs 38.25 crore through fake investment schemes. They seized cash, laptops, checkbooks, an iPOS machine, mobile phones, and SIM cards. Over 10,000 complaints and 540 cases are lodged against them nationwide. Further investigations are ongoing.

2. Rs 285 Crore Lost in Cyber Scams in 6 Months, Rs 75 Crore Higher Than All of 2023
In Gurgaon, cyber frauds rose to Rs 285 crore in the first half of 2024, Rs 75 crore more than in all of 2023. Improved awareness and reporting increased the recovery rate to 16% and arrests to 788. Financial frauds dominated, with proactive measures and technology aiding in arrests and recoveries.

3. “No Warrants Issued Over WhatsApp”: Noida Police Issue Advisory to Prevent Cyber Arrests
Noida police warn against rising ‘digital arrest’ cyber frauds, where criminals pose as officials to extort money via WhatsApp. They advise verifying caller identities through official channels, not relying on search engines, and contacting nearby police or relevant departments if threatened or suspicious. Investigations target criminals in Rajasthan.

4. PG Student and Two Others Arrested for Cyber Fraud
A Kolkata postgraduate student and two associates were arrested for fraud, convincing people to invest in the stock market through fake apps and websites. They were caught with 40 pre-activated SIM cards and numerous ATM cards, linked to a crime where Rs 34 lakh was stolen from a retired Navy officer.

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5. Private Firm GM Defrauded of Rs 1.24 Crore
In Vadodara, a private firm GM lost Rs 1.24 crore to cyber crooks after being lured by a fake stock trading scheme via a Facebook ad and WhatsApp group. The victim was convinced by false profit screenshots and invested heavily, only to discover the fraud when he couldn’t withdraw his earnings


6. Australia-Led Report Accuses Chinese State-Backed Group of cyber-hacking.
Australia, with support from allies including the US, UK, and Japan, accused Chinese state-backed group APT40 of cyber attacks on its government and private sectors. The unprecedented move by the Australian Signals Directorate follows Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s visit, with global agencies acknowledging the shared threat.

7. Nearly 10 Billion Passwords Exposed in What May Be the Largest Leak Ever
On July 4, nearly ten billion unique passwords were leaked by a hacker named “ObamaCare” on a forum dubbed RockYou2024. Built on the prior RockYou2021 leak, it heightens the risk of credential stuffing attacks. This massive compilation threatens systems globally, potentially leading to widespread data breaches and identity theft

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8. Cyberextortion and Ransomware Victims Rise in 2024
Ransomware attacks increased by 77% in 2024, with 4,374 new victims. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable. Orange Cyberdefense research reveals 200 cases of “re-victimization,” where victims are attacked multiple times. Many attacks occur within 80 to 302 days, often due to attackers switching ransomware groups.

9. APT Group “CloudSorcerer” Targets Russian Government Agencies
The new APT group CloudSorcerer targets Russian government entities using cloud services for command-and-control and data exfiltration. Discovered by Kaspersky, the malware uses Microsoft Graph, Yandex Cloud, and Dropbox, with GitHub as the initial C2 server. It features sophisticated evasion tactics and a dynamic, adaptive backdoor component.

10. A Hacker Attack Forces Frankfurt University to Shut Down IT Systems
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences faced a serious hacker attack, forcing a complete shutdown of its IT systems. The incident, occurring Saturday evening, compromised parts of the infrastructure despite high security measures. Services and communications are restricted, impacting enrollment, email, and phone access. Similar cyber incidents have recently affected other German universities.

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