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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [05.07.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. India and UK to Enhance Collaboration Between Cyber Security Agencies
India and the UK held the Sixth Cyber Dialogue in New Delhi, agreeing to deepen cooperation between their cyber agencies. Discussions covered cyber threats, internet governance, data protection, and multilateral cooperation. Prime Ministers Modi and Sunak also discussed strengthening bilateral relations and progress on the Roadmap 2030 and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

2. Lucknow Woman Duped by Cyber Fraudster Impersonating Police Officer
A cyber scammer in Lucknow posed as a policeman to extort Rs 3,500 from Monica Singh, falsely accusing her of accessing a porn website. Threatened with arrest and public shaming, she paid the amount via Google Pay. Realizing the fraud when asked for more money, she reported the incident to the police.

3. Samosa Fraud: Restaurant Scammed Out of Rs 28K by Cyber Criminal
A Lucknow eatery owner, Lalit Sharma, was scammed of Rs 28,000 by a fraudster posing as an army lieutenant ordering samosas for an event. The scammer tricked Sharma’s wife, Nidhi, into transferring money through fraudulent payment links. The incident is under investigation by the cyber cell.

4. Abuse and Exploitation: Indians Forced into Cyber Slavery to Deceive Fellow Citizens
Cyber criminals in Southeast Asia are forcibly confining and abusing Indians, coercing them into cyber fraud and targeting fellow citizens. The Indian government, involving multiple ministries and agencies, is tackling this crisis. Over Rs 7,061 crores were lost in early 2023. Actions include freezing accounts, blocking URLs, and suspending SIM cards and IMEI numbers.

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5. Cyber Scammers Defrauded People of Rs 48 Crore Last Year
In Bhubaneswar, cyber scammers defrauded victims of Rs 48 crore in 2023 through schemes promising quick earnings for simple online tasks. Scammers gained trust by initially paying small amounts, then lured victims into making deposits. Timely reporting to the police can aid in recovering lost money, but challenges remain during non-banking hours.


6. Russian Cyber Campaigns Target France, with a focus on Olympics and Elections
Russia has orchestrated disinformation campaigns targeting France, exploiting events like legislative elections and the Paris Olympics. Tactics include fake military recruitment, vandalism, and social media amplification to sow discord and undermine confidence in democratic institutions. The primary aim appears to be to influence Russian audiences by portraying the Ukraine conflict as a war with the West.

7. Intel471 Acknowledges Ongoing Global Battle Against Ransomware as Operation Cronos Strikes Back
Intel471’s research reveals ransomware remains a major threat, with law enforcement actions disrupting high-profile groups like LockBit, ALPHV, Hive, and others. Despite setbacks, LockBit continues operating, but disruptions have led to fewer victims and affiliates shifting to other ransomware programs like BlackSuit, Medusa, and RansomHub.

8. Japanese Researchers Set a new record for the fastest Speed
A Japanese-led international team set a new download speed record of 402 terabits per second, surpassing the previous 319 Tbps record. Achieved using advanced optical fiber and custom-designed amplifier technology, this breakthrough highlights the potential for ultra-wideband transmission but won’t be available to regular users soon.

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9. GenCyber Camp at Augusta University Offers High School Students Insight into Cybersecurity
The GenCyber Camp at Augusta University introduced high school students to cybersecurity, selecting 30 from over 200 applicants. Participants like Matthew Nichols and Eryuanna Allen gained hands-on experience and industry insights, learning about the CIA triad, cryptography, robotics, and more, fostering their interest in cybersecurity careers.

10. Chinese National Accused of Running ‘World’s Largest Botnet’ Linked to Billions in Cybercrimes
YunHe Wang, a Chinese national, was arrested for operating the “911 S5” botnet, infecting millions of devices globally to facilitate cybercrime, including fraud and child exploitation, and amassing nearly $100 million. Wang faces charges for computer fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, highlighting the escalating threat of cybercrime and COVID-19 fraud.

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