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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [10.07.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. Mumbai Cyber Crime Crackdown: Police Apprehend Five from Odisha for Swindling Victims in Fraud Scheme
Mumbai’s West Cyber Police arrested five individuals from Odisha for defrauding a victim of Rs 43 lakh under the guise of a part-time job. The investigation, led by women officers, revealed a syndicate using dummy bank accounts. Police seized numerous bank documents and suspect many more victims.

2. A new cyberattack compromises iPhone Apple IDs: Safeguard Your Information
A new cyberattack targets iPhone users’ Apple IDs through phishing SMS messages. Symantec warns users to avoid clicking links in suspicious texts, verify message sources, and enable multi-factor authentication. Apple advises against providing personal information via unsolicited contacts and offers tips to avoid scams.

3. Software Consultant Defrauded of Rs 1.56 Lakh in Cybercrime Incident
Sunita Garg, a 58-year-old software consultant, lost Rs 1.56 lakh in a driving license renewal scam. She was tricked into downloading a remote access app and making transactions totaling Rs 1.56 lakh. The cybercrime branch registered a zero FIR and transferred the case to Habibganj police for further investigation.

4. Agri University VC Falls Victim to Phishing, Loses Rs 11 Lakh
Indramani Mishra, Vice-Chancellor of Vasantrao Naik Agriculture University, lost nearly Rs 11 lakh in a cyber fraud. Posing as bank representatives, criminals tricked him into sharing bank details via a link. Quick action by Mishra and the bank stopped Rs 4.5 lakh. The case is under investigation.

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5. Cyber Cell Jammu Recovers Rs 6 Lakh in Online Scam Investigation
The Cyber Cell of Jammu and Kashmir Police recovered Rs 6 lakh in an online fraud case. A woman, denied returns on her investment in a committee, lodged a complaint. Using advanced investigation techniques, the Cyber Cell swiftly recovered the money. Further investigation is ongoing.


6. Australian Cyber Security Agency Accuses China-Backed Group of Data Theft
Chinese-backed hacker group APT40 stole valuable data from Australian networks in 2022, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). The investigation involved multiple international cybersecurity agencies. APT40 targeted both government and private sector networks, exploiting vulnerabilities and using valid credentials to conduct further malicious activities.

7. INTERPOL Dismantles Cybercrime Syndicate in Namibia
INTERPOL’s Operation First Light dismantled a scam network in Namibia, arresting 3,950 globally and identifying 14,643 suspects. In Namibia, 88 youths were rescued, and 163 computers and 350 phones were seized. Assets worth $257 million were frozen. INTERPOL assisted local police, and Namibia plans to pass cybercrime legislation this year.

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8. FBI and Cyber Police Shut Down Nearly 1,000 Russian AI Disinformation Bots on Twitter
The FBI and cybersecurity agencies from Canada and the Netherlands dismantled a 1,000-strong Twitter bot farm operated by Russia’s RT News, which used AI to spread disinformation. They seized 968 accounts and two domains. The operation aimed to sow discord in the US, with support from Russian intelligence.

9. Ransomware Group Offers Free Decryptor to Indonesian National Data Center, Requests Donations
The cybercrime group Brain Cipher, which attacked Indonesia’s national data center, provided a free ransomware decryptor with an apology and a donation request. The attack disrupted numerous government services. Despite receiving the decryptor, a full recovery may take weeks. The incident prompted tighter security protocols and led to a high-profile resignation.

10. State-Sponsored Cyberattacks on NATO Members Increase
Mandiant’s research reveals NATO faces escalating cyber threats from state-sponsored actors and criminal groups amid global conflicts. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine drives espionage against NATO, while China also intensifies cyber espionage. Ransomware attacks, particularly in healthcare, highlight growing threats from financially motivated criminals. NATO must bolster defenses across military and civilian sectors.

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