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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [18.06.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. Kerala student and social media influencer commit suicide after online harassment
Adithya, an 18-year-old social media influencer and class 12 student from Thiruvananthapuram, allegedly died by suicide after cyber attacks following a breakup with a Nedumangad native she met on Instagram. Despite reports of cyber harassment, no complaints were lodged. Police have registered a case of unnatural death.

2. Noida entrepreneur swindled out of Rs 5 lakh in cyber scam
Noida businessman Naveen Kumar Anand, 52, was duped of Rs 5 lakh by a fraudster posing as a Mumbai crime branch official. The scammer claimed Anand was under “digital arrest” and coerced him into transferring funds to avoid a fake drug smuggling charge. police are investigating to recover the money.

3. India encounters sophisticated cyber espionage through innovative Discord breach
An espionage campaign linked to Pakistan, targeting Indian government systems, uses malware called DISGOMOJI. Operatives use Discord emojis for command-and-control (C2) communication to evade detection. The malware infiltrates Linux-based BOSS systems via phishing emails, exploiting vulnerabilities like Dirty Pipe to exfiltrate sensitive information from infected devices.

4. DoT Orders IMEI-Based Blocking of 392 Phones to Tackle Electricity KYC Fraud
The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) ordered the IMEI-based blocking of 392 mobile handsets misused in electricity KYC update scams. Using the AI-driven Chakshu portal, 31,740 fraudulent mobile numbers were identified. Telecom providers must reverify these connections, emphasizing secure networks and citizen cooperation in combating cybercrime.

5. Cisco to set up cybersecurity center in Taiwan
Cisco announced plans to establish a cybersecurity center in Taiwan and collaborate with the government to train professionals as part of its Taiwan Digital Acceleration Plan 3.0. This initiative aims to enhance threat intelligence and cyber readiness amidst ongoing cyberattacks from China while also addressing the global talent shortage.

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6. Driven to despair: A father ended his life after losing his savings to international crime syndicates
Dennis Jones, 82, took his own life after being scammed out of his savings by a “pig butchering” cryptocurrency scam. These scams, run by Chinese gangs, exploit victims worldwide, using human trafficking victims to con people. Despite efforts by U.S. law enforcement, stopping these scams remains challenging.

7. Scattered Spider Leader Arrested in Spain While Boarding a Flight to Italy
The leader of cybercrime group Scattered Spider, responsible for major attacks on US companies like MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, was arrested in Spain while attempting to flee to Italy. Spanish police seized his laptop, phone, and a $27 million Bitcoin fortune. International efforts against cybercriminals intensify amid ongoing threats and adaptations in cybercrime tactics.

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8. GCA, Supported by Amazon, Launches CyberFlex to Help Youth Prevent Scams and Cybercrime
Global Cyber Alliance and Amazon launched CyberFlex, a website aiding 18- to 25-year-olds in preventing cybercrimes. It offers tools, guides, and alerts tailored to online risks. Developed with young advisors globally, CyberFlex educates on scam avoidance and engages users on familiar platforms. GCA and Amazon emphasize consumer protection through education and collaboration.

9. ASUS Fixes Critical Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in Several Router Models
ASUS has issued updates for critical security vulnerabilities in its routers: CVE-2024-3080 allows remote attackers to bypass authentication, while CVE-2024-3079 permits execution of arbitrary commands with administrative privileges. These flaws pose significant risks, potentially enabling attackers to compromise vulnerable devices through remote exploitation.

10. China-Linked Hackers Penetrate East Asian Company for 3 Years Using F5 Equipment
A cyber espionage campaign attributed to China-focused threat actors, dubbed Velvet Ant by Sygnia, targeted an East Asian organization for three years. Using F5 BIG-IP devices for internal C&C and deploying PlugX RAT, attackers aimed at customer data. The sophisticated operation underscores ongoing threats from Chinese-linked groups targeting sensitive information in Asia.

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