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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [07.07.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. Bank Employees Among Trio Arrested for Cryptocurrency Scam
Chandigarh: Haryana police arrested three individuals for duping Hisar resident Bajrang of Rs 8.91 lakh through a cryptocurrency scam. The accused, including bank employee Sahil, lured Bajrang via a Telegram channel, promising high returns. Swift police action led to their arrest after Bajrang reported the scam to the Cyber Helpline.

2. Cyber Fraudsters Promise Huge Returns, Swindle Hisar Resident of Rs 8.9 Lakh
Cybercriminals are using Telegram to defraud people. Haryana police arrested three for swindling Hisar resident Bajrang of Rs 8.91 lakh in a cryptocurrency scam. The fraudsters, led by Chirag and aided by bank employee Sahil, lured victims with high returns. ADGP OP Singh urges caution and immediate reporting to the Cyber Helpline.

3. Noida Cyber Police Issue Warning Amid Surge in ‘Digital Arrest’ Cases
The Gautam Buddh Nagar Cyber Crime Police issued an advisory warning of scams involving calls from unknown numbers, with fraudsters posing as officials to extort money. Victims are threatened with legal action and coerced into transferring funds. The police urge caution, verification of calls, and immediate reporting of suspicious activity to helplines 112 or 1930.

4. The caller poses as Mumbai Crime Branch Officer and scams a Chandigarh Woman of Rs 80 Lakh
A 76-year-old Chandigarh woman was duped of Rs 80 lakh by a caller posing as a Mumbai Crime Branch officer, threatening her with arrest for alleged money laundering. She transferred the money for supposed surveillance. Chandigarh Cyber Crime Cell is investigating. In another case, a man was cheated of Rs 3 lakh by a property dealer.

5. Cyber Cell Recovers Rs 1.26 Lakh in Online Fraud Incident
The Cyber Unit of Jammu and Kashmir Police in Sopore resolved online financial fraud cases, saving Rs 1,26,400 for two victims. Acting on SP Sopore’s orders, the Cyber Cell refunded the money. The police urged the public to avoid sharing personal bank details to prevent such frauds.

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6. Cybercrime Syndicates Reorganize Following Major Crackdowns: Experts
Law enforcement disrupted the LockBit gang in early 2024, significantly impacting cybercrime activities. Despite this, new ransomware groups are emerging, some threatening physical violence. Experts warn ransomware attacks will quickly rebound due to the lucrative nature of the crimes. LockBit had extorted over $120 million from victims like Royal Mail and Boeing.

7. NATO Summit to Discuss Cybersecurity and Resilience with Indo-Pacific Partners: US Official
NATO and its Indo-Pacific partners will discuss resilience, Ukraine support, disinformation, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies at a summit in Washington. The meeting includes leaders from South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The U.S. plans to announce new measures to strengthen Ukraine’s defenses and demonstrate strong support against Russian aggression.

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8. New Cybercrime Techniques Emerge Post Global Law Enforcement Operations
Following global law enforcement operations, cybercrime groups like LockBit are regrouping with new strategies, including physical threats. Despite significant disruptions, new ransomware groups are emerging, exploiting persistent malicious software. Experts warn of an imminent resurgence due to the lucrative nature of ransomware attacks, emphasizing the need for ongoing cybersecurity vigilance.

9. UK’s NCA Leads Global Operation Against Illicit Software Utilized by Cybercriminals
The UK’s National Crime Agency, with global partners, disrupted illicit use of Cobalt Strike software, a tool favored by cybercriminals for ransomware attacks. The operation targeted 690 instances across 27 countries, taking down 593. This effort, involving private industry collaboration, aims to degrade cybercriminal capabilities and reduce ransomware attacks.

10. Parents Defrauded of ‘Significant Amounts’ in Cyber Attack on Fettes College
Fettes College, known as the ‘Eton of the North’ in Edinburgh, experienced a cyber attack in May where hackers targeted parents of prospective students, defrauding them of significant sums. Police Scotland is investigating the incident, and the school is conducting a thorough investigation with external IT experts to address the breach.

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