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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [31.05.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. Four Arrested for Circulating Obscene Content and Harassing Individuals on Social Media: Cyber Police Report
Cyber Police Kashmir arrested four individuals, including Sheikh Muqadas Rafiq, Junaid Hussain, Iflah Mir, and Naveed Mir, for circulating obscene content and harassment on social media. Authorities affirmed their commitment to ensuring safety and dignity by rigorously combating cybercrimes.

2. Authorities Heighten Vigilance as Cybercriminals Develop Sophisticated Scams
Cyber fraudsters now lure victims to download APK files for cash transfers through fake job offers and investments, duping them of over Rs 5 crores. Recent victims include government officials and retirees. Authorities urge people to avoid downloading APK files, emphasizing the evolving methods of these scams.

3. Man Swindled Out of Rs35 Lakh in ‘Digital Arrest’ Scam
In Lucknow, an elderly man, Naveen Joshi, was defrauded of over Rs35.74 lakh by a scammer posing as a Delhi Cyber Cell constable. The fraudster controlled Joshi via WhatsApp, coercing him into transferring the money under the pretense of avoiding arrest for illegal transactions. An investigation is underway.

4. RBI Annual Report: Financial Frauds See a 46.7% Decrease in 2023–24
The RBI reports a significant 46.7% decrease in fraud value for 2023–24. Private banks lead in fraud frequency, mainly in digital payments, while public banks suffer larger losses, especially in loans. RBI’s 2024–25 agenda emphasizes cyber response enhancement and AI for fraud prevention. India’s economic outlook remains strong with increased capital expenditure.

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5. Builder and Cooperative Bank Officials Defraud 15 Individuals of Rs3.44 Crore
The Economic Offenses Wing investigates a Rs 3.44 crore fraud at Yavatmal Urban Co-operative Bank. Officials and builders diverted funds meant for property purchases into their accounts. Meanwhile, the RBI reports a 26% rise in unclaimed deposits, urging fraud prevention and highlighting the UDGAM web portal for transparency.


6. Luxury Sports Cars and Millions Confiscated in Major Cybercrime Raids
The US and Europe launch major crackdowns on cybercrime networks, arresting individuals and seizing assets worth billions. In the US, Chinese national YunHe Wang faces charges for orchestrating a botnet scheme, while in Europe, Europol arrests key figures involved in cybercrime, targeting botnet operations and ransomware schemes.

7. Cyber-Espionage Warning: LilacSquid Targets IT, Energy, and Pharmaceutical Industries
A new cyber espionage threat actor, LilacSquid, has been conducting targeted attacks since 2021, aiming at organizations globally. Utilizing MeshAgent and custom malware like PurpleInk, it targets IT, energy, and pharmaceutical sectors. Tactics overlap with those of North Korean APT groups, suggesting possible connections. Talos researchers uncover the modus operandi and tools used.

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8. A newly discovered hack destroys hundreds of Thousands of US Internet Routers
An unidentified hacking group launched a major cyberattack on a U.S. telecommunications company , disabling over 600,000 internet routers. Lumen Technologies’ Black Lotus Labs discovered the attack, indicating it as one of the most serious attacks against America’s telecom sector. Windstream is suggested as the targeted ISP, with potential serious consequences.

9. Alleged Data Theft from 560 Million Ticketmaster Users
Hackers claim to have stolen personal data of 560 million Ticketmaster customers, demanding a $500,000 ransom. Australian and US authorities are involved. TicketMaster hasn’t confirmed the breach. ShinyHunters, associated with previous breaches, is linked to the incident. BreachForums hosts alleged samples. Past Ticketmaster security issues include hacking a competitor and a recent cyberattack.

10. Hackers Deploy Trojanized Minesweeper Game to Infiltrate Financial Institutions
Hackers utilize a trojanized version of Minesweeper to infiltrate finance organizations via phishing emails. Victims unwittingly install malware disguised as the game, granting hackers remote access to systems. Vigilance, employee training, and robust security measures are crucial to thwart such attacks and safeguard sensitive financial data against evolving cyber threats.

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