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Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief by FCRF [02.07.2024]: Click here to Know More



Daily cyber crime news by FCRF

Important global cybercrime news has been curated by Futurecrime Researchers to keep you informed about various types of digital fraud occurring worldwide and to provide insights into the best mitigation strategies. Read below to learn more in detail.

1. First Cyber Fraud FIR Filed Under BNS in City; 12 Total on Day One
A Girgaum food vendor, defrauded of Rs 73,116, became the first Mumbaikar to file a complaint under the new Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS) law. Mumbai police registered 12 FIRs on BNS’s first day. Maharashtra’s first BNS FIR was filed in Sindhudurg. Other cases included a bar license violation and drunk driving.

2. Jharkhand News: Dhanbad Police Apprehend 9 Cyber Criminals with 28 Mobile Phones and 5 Laptops
Dhanbad police arrested nine cyber criminals from various districts planning scams in Nawadih. They seized 29 mobile phones, 5 laptops, 37 credit and debit cards, 11 PAN cards, and 9 passbooks. The criminals, from Jharkhand districts, operated from a rented apartment, scamming people with online games and card closures. Further investigations are ongoing.

3.Loan App Scam: Four Officers Suspended for Hiding Evidence
Four police officers, including Inspector Ranjit Singh, were suspended for allegedly aiding cybercriminals in a loan app fraud by concealing evidence. They served a notice but took no action against the accused, benefiting the criminals. A Chinese national was arrested, and an international investigation is ongoing.

4. Four Officers Suspended for ‘Inaction’ in Cyber Fraud Case
Chandigarh UT police suspended Cyber Cell SHO Inspector Ranjit Singh, Sub-Inspector Krishan Dev Singh, and Head Constables Bahadur Singh and Rajinder Singh on Monday. SP Ketan Bansal ordered the suspensions due to complaints regarding the handling of a cyber investigation.

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5. Ghaziabad: Cyber Fraud Ring That Swindled Rs 22 Crore from 168 People Across 23 States Captured
Ghaziabad police arrested two gang members who defrauded 168 people across 23 states of Rs 22.42 crore, promising high returns on share trading. The suspects, Chetan Sharma and Rahul Kumar Sahu, worked with Dubai-based Hussain Mohammad. They operated fake offices, used renowned company names, and lured victims into transferring funds.


6. China’s ‘Velvet Ant’ Hackers Exploiting New Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Cisco Devices Exposed
A newly identified zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2024-20399) in Cisco NX-OS software used for Nexus-series switches was exploited by Chinese state-backed hackers, Velvet Ant. They gained admin credentials, deployed custom malware, and maintained long-term network access. Cisco released updates, highlighting the need for better protection of network devices.

7. CDK Global Hack Raises Concerns Over US Auto Sales
CDK Global expects full restoration of its dealer management system (DMS) by early July 4 after a cyberattack disrupted operations at 15,000 U.S. auto dealerships. The outage forced dealers to revert to manual processes, impacting sales and operations across major automotive brands like Volkswagen and Audi.

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8. European Commission Seeks Public Input on NIS2 Cybersecurity Regulations Before Rollout
The European Commission seeks public feedback on implementing cybersecurity measures under the NIS2 Directive, aiming to standardize risk management across digital infrastructure sectors. The draft addresses incident reporting, risk assessments, patch management, and network security for entities including telecommunications and critical services, enhancing EU-wide cybersecurity resilience and response capabilities.

9. Croatia Faces Wave of Cyber Attacks
Croatia faces a surge in cyber attacks targeting institutions and businesses, exacerbated by the Ukraine conflict. Deputy PM Medved cited recent DDoS attacks on KBC Zagreb and other sites, attributed to Russian hacker group NoName057(16). Despite adopting EU’s NIS2 Directive, challenges remain in defending against such threats, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures and employee awareness.

10. Surge in Cyber Attacks on Healthcare Organizations Here’s Why
Healthcare faces escalating cyber attacks globally, with incidents quadrupling in 2023, costing billions. NHS and US healthcare hit hard, prompting calls for enhanced cybersecurity. Despite risks, many organizations lack adequate defenses, risking patient safety and operational disruption. ENISA urges sector-wide resilience improvements amid soaring ransomware threats targeting sensitive medical data.

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