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TRAI Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Check Cybercrime, SIM Fraud



TRAI Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Check Cybercrime, SIM Fraud

NEW DELHI: India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is planning to leverage the usage of modern technology and take the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a bid to face the challenges posed by cybercrime and SIM frauds in the country.

In India, users are allowed to use up to nine SIM cards registered on a single name. (But people living in the Jammu and Kashmir are allowed to keep only up to five SIM cards.)

This allows the fraudsters an opportunity to purchase several SIM cards and then misuse them to create fraud activities.

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According to a media report, TRAI officials have said that they are planning to use AI technology for keeping track of stationary SIM cards that are active in special locations to perform fraudulent calls.

Recently, in India, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) performed a base probe in Mewat, Haryana for verifying SIM cards.

The team found almost 14,000 fake connections which were especially being used for fraudulent activities. 

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In India, there are millions of citizens who receive fraudulent calls daily.

The scamsters are not always lucky but if they want to make good money then they can, as several gullible people lose money by sharing vital information over fraudulent phone calls.

Hence, TRAI is now focusing on these situations and planning to use modern technologies to stop these activities.

TRAI is counting on the fact that SIM cards owned by actual users do occasionally migrate and change locations. The stationary SIM cards are intended for use in fraudulent activities.  To follow these stationary SIM cards and try to stop SIM fraud and criminality, TRAI will use Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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The AI-enabled procedures can assist TRAI in quickly identifying suspicious SIM cards.

A blockchain-based system for commercial messages was established by TRAI in 2021, allowing only legitimate organisations to send messages in bulk to clients using a predefined template.

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Scammers won’t be able to broadcast or transmit mass messages to customers in this way, which would help India reduce SIM fraud and cybercrime.

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