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Twitter Account of IMA, ICWA & Mann Deshi Mahila Bank Compromised, Hackers Rename It Elon Musk

NEW DELHI: The Indian Medical Association, the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), and Mann Deshi Mahila Bank’s Twitter accounts were hacked on Sunday night, with the account renamed Elon Musk in order to lure individuals into bogus crypto traps calling them gifts, claiming “LOVE YOU GUYS!! MY GlFT HERE!!”.

Tweets from these accounts were discovered to promote cryptocurrencies. Elon Musk’s name was added using special characters rather than actual text, and with ICWA, IMA, and Mann Deshi Mahila Bank accounts being verified, anyone could have been easily duped.

According to authorities, it might be the result of a hacked password or someone clicking a malicious link that provided access to the Twitter account.

At the time of writing, neither the IMA nor the ICWA accounts had Elon Musk’s name or photo. The malicious actors, on the other hand, have swamped the accounts with bogus crypto tweets and even commented on Elon Musk’s postings to entice users. It appears that the accounts will take some time to return to their original state.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s cybersecurity department, CERT-In, is presently investigating this issue.

This occurred just weeks after Prime Minister Modi’s account was hacked, which also saw a similar theme of posts following his public pronouncements on bitcoin. The account, on the other hand, was reinstated in a matter of hours, with the phoney tweets eventually erased.

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