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Abuse of Power

‘Chirkutai’ of UP IAS Officer Leads to Transfer: Personal Car Leased to Government

Senior journalist Mamta Tripathi exposed a senior IAS officer and an undersecretary for leasing a personal Innova Crysta to the government for personal use.



IAS Leased Innova to Gov Department

Lucknow: In a recent post on X, senior journalist Mamta Tripathi revealed serious allegations of corruption involving a senior IAS officer and an undersecretary from the Uttar Pradesh cadre. The IAS officer, who holds the position of Special Secretary, along with the undersecretary, allegedly purchased a brand-new Innova Crysta for Rs. 30-35 lakhs and misused their authority to lease the vehicle to the UP state property department.

Tripathi’s post detailed that the officers availed themselves of a monthly rent of Rs. 1.5 lakh for the vehicle, which was officially meant for government use but was being used personally by the IAS officer. The misuse of the vehicle for personal purposes, despite its official allocation to the state department, raises serious questions about the integrity of the officials involved.

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When Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath learned of these irregularities, he promptly issued a transfer letter to the IAS officer, highlighting the severity of the situation. Tripathi expressed her dismay at the petty corruption, she wrote ‘Itni choti choti chirkutai kar jate hain afsar log ki kya hi kaha jaye...’.

Mamta Tripathi's X Post

Mamta Tripathi’s X Post

Responses to Tripathi’s post further highlighted public frustration with such unethical practices. One user pointed out that not only do the officials benefit, but they also appoint their acquaintances as drivers, whose salaries are paid from government funds. The user remarked that those who work honestly are often mocked by these corrupt officials, who casually advise their families against maintaining integrity.

Another user blamed flawed policies that allow such practices, arguing that if the government is renting private vehicles, it should instead purchase its own fleet. They suggested that the amount paid as rent could be used to pay installments for buying government vehicles.

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Sarcastically, another respondent suggested that the honest officer should be publicly honored, reflecting the deep-seated irony and frustration within the community regarding such corrupt practices.

These allegations and public reactions underscore the urgent need for transparency and accountability in the use of public resources. Under the provisions of THE ALL INDIA SERVICES (DISCIPLINE AND APPEAL) RULES, 1969, specifically Rule 3(1), which mandates every member of the service to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty, the actions of these officials appear to be in clear violation. The swift action taken by the Chief Minister is a positive step, but systemic reforms are necessary to prevent such abuses of power in the future.

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