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UP Officers Ignoring Your Calls? CM Yogi Takes Tough Stance on Negligent Field Officials

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed field officials to ensure their Closed User Group (CUG) phones remain operational 24/7 for public accessibility.



Lucknow: In a significant move to enhance governance and public service delivery, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji has issued a directive mandating that all field officials must keep their Closed User Group (CUG) phones operational around the clock. This initiative aims to ensure that the public can reach out to officials at any time to voice their concerns and seek assistance.

In an X post from the official CM Office X handle, it was emphasized that these CUG phones have been provided for the benefit of the public and must be kept active 24/7. The directive further stated that every official should personally receive these calls and, in cases where they are unable to do so due to unavoidable reasons, they must make a call back to the caller.

“Field officials have been given CUG phones for the public; keep these operational 24×7. Each official should receive these calls personally. If they are unable to do so for some reason, they should call back,” the X post read.

The directive also highlighted the importance of maintaining communication with public representatives, urging officials to listen to their grievances and resolve issues based on merit.

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Public Reactions and Suggestions
The directive from CM Yogi Adityanath received mixed reactions from the public, with many appreciating the move but also suggesting further measures for accountability.

1. Divya Deoria highlighted a concern where some officials do not receive calls or address issues sent via WhatsApp. She tweeted, “They neither receive the phone calls nor consider the problems sent via WhatsApp.”

2. Dr. Sunil, Ph.D., suggested that all calls on CUG numbers should be recorded to ensure transparency and accountability. “All calls on officials’ CUG numbers should be recorded. Only then will the public’s grievances be heard properly,” he remarked.

3. Rajeev Tripathi proposed a practical solution for monitoring officials’ responsiveness. He suggested obtaining call details of CUG numbers through RTI to track the number of public calls made and how many were responded to by the officials. “The call details of all CUG numbers will be available in their monthly bills. By requesting this information through RTI, we can know how many calls were made by the public and whether the officials responded,” he posted.

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This directive by CM Yogi Adityanath underscores UP government’s commitment to improving accessibility and responsiveness of field officials, ensuring that public grievances are addressed efficiently.

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