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Vigil Aunty To Fight Cyber Crime: HDFC Bank Launches Cyber Awareness Campaign



Vigil Aunty To Fight Cyber Crime: HDFC Bank Launches Cyber Awareness Campaign

MUMBAI: HDFC Bank announced that it will commemorate India’s 75th anniversary of independence by launching a new campaign, ‘Vigil Aunty,’ to encourage people across the country to practise safe banking habits.

This will be in addition to the Bank’s popular ‘Mooh Band Rakho’ campaign, which encourages people not to share sensitive banking information with others.

Anuradha (Anu) Menon, the creator of the Lola Kutty character, will star in this campaign.

Menon, as Vigil Aunty, will raise awareness about safe banking practises through a series of videos, reels, and chat shows.

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Vigil Aunty will encourage citizens to remain vigilant by informing them about the methods used by financial fraudsters, how to detect cyber fraud attempts, and how to stay safe. She will host chat shows on social media platforms and discuss recent cyber fraud incidents with celebrity guests.

Vigil Aunty will have a social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. To communicate with customers, she will have her own WhatsApp number (+91 72900 30000). The HDFC Bank website will have a dedicated page to raise awareness about cyber fraud.

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Commenting on the launch of this campaign, Sameer RatolikarChief Information Security OfficerHDFC Bank, said, “Fraudsters are increasingly adopting social engineering tactics to steal money from customers’ bank accounts. On the pretext of offering certain services or promising help, the fraudsters are luring customers into sharing their PINs, OTPs, passwords, and other confidential banking information with them. Hence, there is a need to educate customers on safe banking habits and make them aware of the various modus operandi used by fraudsters. At HDFC Bank, we recognise our role in creating this awareness.”

The campaign will last four to six weeks and will encourage people to follow Vigil Aunty on social media and/or WhatsApp. However, as a social media influencer, Vigil Aunty will maintain a consistent presence in the digital ecosystem and will continue to educate customers on the various methods used by financial fraudsters and how to avoid them.

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