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Indore Web Developer Cheats Australian Citizen Out of Rs 1 Crore in Fake Apple Partnership Scam

A web developer was arrested for defrauding an Australian citizen of Rs 1 crore by promising a software project in collaboration with Apple. Cyber cell recovered the website ownership.



Web Developer Arrested: Accused of Rs 1 Crore Scam Involving Fake Apple Partnership
Web Developer Arrested: Accused of Rs 1 Crore Scam Involving Fake Apple Partnership

INDORE: A web developer in Madhya Pradesh has been arrested by the state’s cyber cell for allegedly duping an Australian citizen of a staggering Rs 1 crore (approximately 1.77 lakh Australian Dollars). The accused, Mayank Saluja, a resident of Green Park Colony in Indore, is reported to have exploited the victim’s desire to develop video conferencing software.

A Web of Lies: From Compatibility Issues to Fake Partnerships

The details of the case were revealed by SP (cyber cell) Jitendra Singh. The Australian citizen, who filed a complaint on May 9, 2023, had contacted Saluja through a website with the intention of developing video conferencing software. After sharing details about his web browser, the complainant faced a series of fabricated roadblocks created by Saluja. The accused claimed technical difficulties in running the application on Apple’s web browser and demanded additional code to make it compatible with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

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Saluja’s web of deceit didn’t stop there. He allegedly convinced the complainant to invest in a seemingly impossible partnership with Apple. The victim was promised company shares but never received any share certificates. To further exploit the situation, Saluja reportedly solicited funds for forming an NGO supposedly required for the project.

Justice Served: Complaint Filed and Accused Apprehended

Upon realizing he was being scammed, the Australian citizen filed a First Information Report (FIR) with the cyber cell. Saluja reportedly attempted to secure anticipatory bail, but his request was rejected by the court. Additionally, the cyber cell faced an initial hurdle in locating the accused, as he had sold his previous residence. However, through perseverance, officials successfully apprehended Saluja from his new place of residence within the city.

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Website Control Taken and Investigation Continues

The investigation revealed that Saluja allegedly convinced the complainant to purchase a website domain. He then took control of both the domain and the website hosting, essentially locking the complainant out of his own website’s control panel. The cyber cell has proactively reached out to Apple and Skype via email to gather further information and verify Saluja’s claims. The investigation into this cyber fraud case is ongoing.

This incident highlights that it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and choose reputable developers before making any financial commitments. Verifying credentials, checking online reviews, and clearly outlining project scope and payment terms in a written contract are all important steps to protect yourself from falling victim to similar scams.

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