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What Makes Cybersecurity A Promising Career Choice In India?

The last decade has seen immense digitization at a global level. Most industries today are heavily dependent on networks and computers to operate. As a result, the importance of network and system security along with the demand for cybersecurity professionals has grown to a great extent.

Internet revolution

India has also witnessed a paradigm shift with the coming of the internet revolution. According to a 2020 report by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), as of January 2020, India became the second-largest country in terms of internet users by reaching 560 million. The number is expected to go up to 600 million users by the end of 2021. As per the report, in India there are over 450 million users who access the internet from their mobiles. This putsa large population at risk in cyberspace as a large amount of data is transferred, and needs to be secured. With cashless transactions gaining popularity in recent times and people relying more on internet banking, there is a great risk of financial loss because of a cyber-attack. Therefore, the need of cybersecurity has gained such importance in recent times.

According to a survey on cybersecurity that was conducted by the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), the cybersecurity market in India is currently valued at USD 1.97 billion and is expected to grow to USD 3.05 billion by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.6 % which is close to 1.5 times the global rate.

With the demand for qualified and skilled cybersecurity professionals at an all-time high, this is the perfect time for those looking for a career in this field.

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These are the different kinds of cybersecurity roles in-demand:

  1. Security Analyst
  2. Security Engineer
  3. Security Architect
  4. Security Administrator
  5. Security Software Developer
  6. Cryptographer
  7. Cryptoanalyst
  8. Chief Information Security Officer
  9. Security Consultant / Specialist
  10. Intrusion Detection Specialist

Enriching career

According to KPMG, the annual compensation for cybersecurity heads ranges from 2 Cr to 4 Cr annually. The industry also reports a satisfaction level of 68%, making it a financially lucrative and fulfilling career.
There is also a wide scope for growth in this career as it is expanding with technology. There are several sub-divisions branching out as potential careers for example cryptocurrency and AI.

Increasing threats

The scale and kind of emerging threats are a major reason for such growth in the cybersecurity domain. Today most companies operating in the IT sector or that are relying on networks heavily look for cybersecurity professionals who are qualified and skilled enough to troubleshoot network issues and protect their sensitive data in cyberspace.

According to a report by recruitment service firm Michael Page India titled ‘The Humans of Cybersecurity’, India will have over 1.5 million vacancies by 2025 in the cybersecurity job market. This report also said that nearly 95% of businesses that operate in cyberspace are not adequately secure and may be prone to attacks or getting hacked.

India has also witnessed a number of cyber-attacks in the past few years. There have been multiple breaches in companies across sectors like banking, telecommunication, health, hospitality, and retail. This has resulted in these industries investing more in cybersecurity and reaching out to firms for skilled professionals.

These were some of the cyber-attacks that caused a stir in recent times:

  • July 2016 – Union Bank of India Heist 
  • May 2017 – Data Theft at Zomato
  • May 2017 – Wanna Cry Ransomware
  • June 2017 – Petya Ransomware
  • June 2019 – Aadhar Data Breach 

Monetary losses

India has suffered a loss of Rs 1.24 trillion in terms of the total monetary loss from such cybercrimes in the past year alone.

Cybersecurity has also become a subject of national importance with the government investing in organisations like CERT-IN (Computer Emergency Response Team India). There have been instances in the past when government websites have been hacked and cyberspace is now used by nations as a tool of war. This has resulted in cybersecurity vacancies in various government agencies and departments. The emphasis is laid on skill and experience as is the case for qualification and knowledge.

There is a great scope for a promising and exciting career in cybersecurity in India. Those who have the aptitude for this profession will have plenty of opportunities if they decide to pursue cybersecurity as a career.

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The Writer Roy Zur is CEO, ThriveDX SaaS

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