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Who’s Helping Coimbatore Cops Check Cyber Crime!



Who’s Helping Coimbatore Cops Check Cyber Crime!

In Coimbatore district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the police have found a new support system to take on the rising challenges of cyber crime.

The new support system is nothing else but young Information Technology (IT) students who are providing the police with an unmatched aid in investigating and cracking new-age crimes.

No wonder the Coimbatore Police acknowledges these young students, children and youth as ‘assets’.

The IT students are chipping in with the police as ethical hackers and solving cases on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI). The students will become an asset for investigating cases of cyber crimes.

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This initiative to engage the youth was taken to include students in the process of the investigation who have sound knowledge on the subject and thus making it easier to solve the cases.

What Else Is There On The List Of Coimbatore Police?

The Coimbatore Police has also taken to launching cyber security awareness programs in colleges where students are prone to falling trap to social media offenders.

The police have also planned a ‘Cyber Club’ which will consist of two staff personnel and students from every college in the city.

This will help in creating awareness among students and common people.

This initiative of a ‘Cyber Club’ is being regulated by Tamil Nadu Police Cyber Crime wing and if the project is found to be successful in the city, the police department will extend it to the whole state.

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The Vision

The police have realized that even after having a big team of cyber experts, involving young bright minds in the mission of investigation can lead to better results.

Students who are learning IT, hacking, artificial intelligence and are engaging with the social media platforms every day can give a better perspective to the police.

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