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YouTube Likes For Cash Scam Busted By Uttarakhand STF



YouTube Likes For Cash Scam Busted By Uttarakhand STF

DEHRADUN: In a significant breakthrough in the cyber fraud case involving the manipulation of YouTube likes and subscriptions, a third suspect has surrendered himself before the Special Task Force (STF) and Cyber Police Station in Dehradun. The suspect’s surrender follows the arrest of two other individuals in connection with the case, bringing the total number of accused arrested to three.

According to the police, the unknown perpetrators, masquerading as Flipkart’s gift-giving manager, coerced the complainant into performing tasks such as liking and subscribing to YouTube channels. They then lured him into joining a Telegram group, promising profits through online cryptocurrency trading. The victim was instructed to invest money and perform various tasks by clicking on links to different websites.

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As part of their criminal conspiracy, the fraudsters succeeded in deceiving the complainant into transferring a total of INR 13,11,900 through multiple online transactions on different dates, under the guise of investments in cryptocurrency. Following the victim’s complaint, the Cyber Crime Police Station in Dehradun registered a case under Sections 420, 120B, and 66(D) of the IT Act, relating to cheating and criminal conspiracy.

During the investigation, the police managed to track the mobile number used by the suspects and traced the flow of funds. It was discovered that the complainant’s money had been transferred to Delhi and Jaipur in Rajasthan. With relentless efforts and diligent work, the police collected crucial information and evidence, including details of the gang members involved in the fraudulent activities.

Building upon this information, the police team successfully apprehended two suspects in Jaipur. Subsequently, the third member of the gang voluntarily surrendered himself at the Cyber Police Station in Dehradun, further bolstering the ongoing investigation.

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The mode of operation employed by the gang was revealed through the victim’s testimony. Initially, the unknown individuals established contact via WhatsApp, posing as Flipkart’s gift-giving managers. They enticed the victim with the promise of profits through tasks involving YouTube likes and subscriptions. They further convinced him to invest in cryptocurrency by adding him to a Telegram group and sharing links to various websites. As a result of this criminal conspiracy, the victim was defrauded of a total of INR 13,11,900 through multiple online transactions.

The arrested accused has been identified as Pintu Meena, son of Kailash Chand Meena, residing in Village Abhayapura, Post Palawala, Tehsil Bassi, District Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Ayush Aggarwal, Senior Superintendent of Police, STF Uttarakhand, issued an advisory urging the public to remain vigilant and avoid falling into such traps. He highlighted the emerging trend of cybercrimes involving YouTube likes and subscriptions, cautioning people against fraudulent websites or individuals promising unrealistic returns or doubling money. Aggarwal emphasized the importance of verifying the authenticity of online platforms by contacting local banks or relevant companies directly and avoiding searching for customer care numbers on Google. He urged individuals to report any suspicious activities to the nearest police station or Cyber Crime Police Station. For financial cybercrimes, immediate contact should be made to the helpline number 1930.

Key Highlights:


  • Third suspect surrenders in the Dehradun cyber fraud case involving YouTube likes and subscriptions fraud.
  • The gang impersonated Flipkart’s gift-giving manager to lure victims into performing tasks and investing in cryptocurrency.
  • The complainant was defrauded of INR 13,11,900 through multiple online transactions.
  • Two other suspects were previously arrested in Jaipur, Rajasthan, in connection with the case.
  • Police traced the flow of funds to Delhi and Jaipur and collected crucial evidence.
  • The suspects deceived victims through WhatsApp and Telegram, hatching a criminal conspiracy.
  • Senior Superintendent of Police urges the public to be cautious of lucrative online opportunities and to verify websites with local banks or relevant companies.
  • The investigation highlights the emerging trend of cybercrimes involving YouTube likes and subscriptions.
  • Efforts continue to apprehend remaining members of the gang operating across different states in India.
  • The case emphasizes the importance of public awareness and immediate reporting of suspicious activities to authorities.

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