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Here Is How Crooks Are Withdrawing Money From ATM Machines Without Hacking Or Tampering It

NOIDA: Most of the ATM machines in India are at risk. The recent loophole in ATMs can cause a huge dent in all the banks. The revelation was made by the Special Task Force (STF) after the arrest of six conmen who were withdrawing money from the ATMs without tampering or hacking it.

Uttar Pradesh’s STF is writing to the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) and other banks to inform the security loopholes. The officer investigating the case told all the ATMs of any bank can be compromised and it can be done with some easy touch of buttons. It doesn’t require infecting the machine with malicious software nor does one has to break open the machines. The process is so simple that any common man can enter the ATM and withdraw the money.

Without disclosing the steps involved, the officer said these conmen would enter the ATM and do a transaction. Just before getting the payment, they will play their trick. Some basic physical manipulation with the ATM will dispense the money but the machine would read ‘transaction declined’ message.

The officer explained these crooks used to collect the money from the ATM and reach the bank the next day claiming that their transaction was declined and the bank would return the money. “These are provisions available for banking customers who sometimes face a problem while transacting. The bank within seven days returns the money if money is deducted from the account and the machine has not dispensed the money. But criminals are misusing it,” said the officer.

The officer added that banks immediately need to address the issue and fix the loopholes. Else they will end up losing a huge amount of cash to fraudsters.

Amit Shukla, Pratyush Patel, Krishna Kant Singh, Anoop Kumar Singh, Ashish and Rinku Yadav

Investigating team has found that youngsters around the Kanpur region were active in this kind of fraud. They took debit cards or relatives, friends and acquaintances for a week and promised them to return Rs 7,000-10,000. Using new cards they used to commit fraud and take money back from the bank.

The worrying part of the scam is that there are many tutorials available on YouTube. Most of the unemployed youngsters to earn quick money are getting involved in this not realizing that this is a crime and will lead to serious punishment.

UP STF is also writing to YouTube and other internet giants to take down tutorials for ATM compromising/hacking video from their platform.

The six members gang that was arrested in Noida had done crimes in various places in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Those arrested have been identified as Amit Shukla, Pratyush Patel, Krishna Kant Singh, Anoop Kumar Singh, Ashish and Rinku Yadav, the police said.

Raj Kumar Mishra, Additional Superintendent of Police (STF) said the gang had targeted several ATMs of various banks, but they had received a complaint from RBL bank.

“They defrauded the RBL bank alone of at least Rs 22.50 lakh, and they have also defrauded several other banks,” Mishra said.

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