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Mumbai Cyber Cell Held Two Foreigners For ATM Card Cloning



Mumbai Cyber Cell Held Two Foreigners For ATM Card Cloning

MUMBAI: Mumbai Police’s north region’s Cyber Cell Unit busted a card cloning gang by arresting two Romanian nationals for allegedly cloning ATM cards and withdrawing money. The police recovered 60,000 rupees from their homes. Those arrested have been identified as Miyu Ruchinal (48) and Budai Romana (36). In addition, dozens of cloned ATM cards, a tiny camera, and cloning devices have been seized from them.

According to the police, the accused planted the micro camera and magnetic chip in the cloning machine and then installed it in the ATM machine. They used to wait in a car outside the ATM, and after 15-20 people used it, they would remove the cloning machine and duplicate ATM cards.

Later, the accused used duplicate cards to withdraw money from various ATMs.

“Last week, a person approached Kandivli Cyber Cell Unit and said that Rs 6.05 lakh was removed from his account from an ATM machine in Malad East,” said a cyber cell official. “We examined the ATM center’s CCTV footage and discovered the accused placing the micro camera and magnetic chip in the ATM machine. We later noticed the accused seated in a red sedan outside the ATM. We followed the vehicle’s license plate and saw it parked in the Lokhandwala neighbourhood. We tracked the car and discovered it parked outside an ATM in Malad,” he added.

Miyu Ruchinal (48) and Budai Romana (36)

“We apprehended the culprit while he was installing the cloning equipment. We also discovered a miniature camera, a magnetic chip, and multiple ATM cards in his pocket. “The accused admitted to the crime,” said the officer.

“We arrested both of them under IPC section 420 and parts of the IT Act,” the officer added.

According to the authorities, Ruchinal and Roman have been utilising the same method to defraud others of their money for the past few months. Cyber police are now analysing their bank account information to determine how many people were deceived by the two foreign citizens.

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