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ED Knocks on Apple’s Door for a Byte of Kejriwal’s iPhone in Liquor Plot Twist



The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has reached out to Apple in an attempt to unlock the iPhone of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, following his arrest in connection with the liquor policy case, as reported by The Indian Express. Despite lacking electronic evidence from Kejriwal’s personal computers, the agency has confiscated four mobile phones, including that of the chief minister.

Kejriwal, who was detained on March 21, has refrained from disclosing his phone’s password, leading to the ED’s pursuit to access his device for investigation. This move came after the discovery of Rs 70,000 in Kejriwal’s residence on the night of his arrest, a sum that was reportedly left untouched.

During interrogation, the chief minister voiced concerns that accessing his phone data might expose confidential information related to the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) electoral strategies and potential pre-election alliances. Kejriwal has been in custody, with his remand recently extended April 15, following the ED’s request for further time to delve into the money laundering allegations.

The probe agency, which accused Kejriwal of withholding cooperation, emphasized the necessity of accessing his phone data to advance their investigation. The ED’s court statement highlighted Kejriwal’s reluctance to reveal his password and directly answer inquiries, which they argue hampers the probe’s progress.

Furthermore, the ED has alleged Kejriwal’s involvement in a bribery scandal, accusing him of soliciting Rs 100 crore from the ‘South Group’. This allegation forms a part of the broader investigation into the contentious liquor policy, under which Kejriwal was arrested.

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