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I4C, NSD Join Hands With MyGov To Raise Awareness on Cybercrime in Innovative Street Plays



I4C, NSD Join Hands With MyGov To Raise Awareness on Cybercrime in Innovative Street Plays

New Delhi:  In a novel approach to tackling cybercrime and promoting online safety, The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and the National School of Drama (NSD) and MyGov to launch a unique Cyber Awareness Street Play Contest. This nationwide initiative invites all citizens to unleash their creativity and spread the message of Cyber Safe India through the engaging medium of street theater.

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From Script to Stage, Raising Awareness One Play at a Time:

The contest, open to all Indian citizens, challenges participants to craft and perform short street plays that educate audiences about various forms of cybercrime and best practices for staying safe online. This not only empowers individuals with vital knowledge but also fosters community engagement on a critical issue.

Promoting Vigilance Through Familiar Faces:

Street plays, deeply rooted in Indian culture, have the power to resonate with audiences across diverse backgrounds. This contest leverages this inherent strength to deliver complex cybersecurity concepts in a relatable and impactful manner. Imagine a child learning about phishing scams from a mischievous conman on stage, or a grandmother discovering the dangers of illegal loan apps through a humorous family drama. These relatable scenarios can leave a lasting impression and empower individuals to navigate the digital world with caution.

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Shining a Light on Pressing Concerns:

The contest focuses on seven key themes that represent some of the most prevalent cyber threats faced by Indians today. These include:

  • Investment Scams: Protecting oneself from alluring yet fraudulent part-time job offers.
  • Illegal Loan Apps: Understanding the dangers of predatory lending platforms.
  • Illegal Gaming Apps: Raising awareness about the perils of unregulated online gambling.
  • Sextortion: Equipping individuals to combat online blackmail and harassment.
  • Parcel Scams: Recognizing and avoiding fraudulent delivery schemes.
  • Aadhaar-Based Scams: Safeguarding the sensitive information linked to India’s unique identification system.
  • Cybercrime Against Women & Children: Highlighting the vulnerabilities faced by these groups online and promoting protective measures.

More Than Just a Play, a Movement:

By encouraging people to explore their creativity and address these critical issues through street plays, the Cyber Awareness Street Play Contest aims to create a nationwide movement. This grassroots approach has the potential to reach individuals beyond traditional awareness campaigns and spark conversations about cyber safety in homes, communities, and public spaces.

The contest is open for submissions until February 2nd, 2024. With attractive prizes and national recognition up for grabs, it’s time to put on your thinking caps, grab your scripts, and take a stand against cybercrime. So, gather your troupe, let your creativity shine, and help make India a Cyber Safe India, one play at a time!

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