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Senior Bank Manager Falls Prey to Online Investment Scam, Loses Rs. 21.5 Lakh



Senior Bank Manager Falls Prey to Online Investment Scam, Loses Rs. 21.5 Lakh

Despite numerous warnings from authorities, a senior bank manager in Sitapur district became the victim of a sophisticated online investment scam, losing a staggering Rs. 21.5 lakh.

Nishi Verma, an assistant manager at Union Bank of India, found herself unwittingly ensnared in the web of deceit while on leave and seeking to explore online investment opportunities. On December 1, 2023, she was added to a social media chat group through Facebook, unknowingly stepping into the trap laid by cunning scammers.

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“Once she joined, the group members shared fabricated success stories, and the admin, acting as a smooth operator, lured her with promises of VIP services and guaranteed profits in online trading,” revealed Nishi’s husband, Dileep Verma, to media. This orchestrated display of “success” and empty promises led Nishi to join additional social media groups and, crucially, open an account as instructed.

By the time she realized the deceit, it was too late. Between December 1, 2023, and January 2024, the fraudsters cleverly siphoned off Rs. 21.5 lakh from her account through multiple transactions, leaving her heartbroken and financially devastated.

“Initially, she was hesitant about linking her bank account, suspecting the legitimacy of the group. But then, they managed to trick her,” Dileep added, highlighting the manipulative tactics employed by the scammers.

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Nishi’s husband, an excise inspector in Bulandshahr, took quick action, filing a formal complaint at the City Kotwali police station. An FIR was registered against unidentified individuals under IPC section 420 (cheating and dishonestly) and 66-D of the IT Act.

SSP Bulandshahr, Shlok Kumar, assured swift action against the perpetrators. “We’ve launched a thorough investigation and traced the embezzled funds to multiple bank accounts. These accounts will be frozen immediately,” he stated.

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This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the online world, particularly when it comes to promises of quick and easy returns. SSP Kumar urged caution, especially against unsolicited offers on social media platforms. “Never trust strangers approaching you with investment proposals on platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook,” he advised. “In case of suspicious messages, block and report them immediately to the police.”

Nishi Verma’s story exemplifies the vulnerability of even financial experts to meticulously crafted online scams. It is a cautionary tale, urging increased vigilance and skepticism in the face of online investment opportunities, whether they appear glamorous or deceptively ordinary.

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