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Instagram ‘Influencer’ Rajat Dalal Arrested in Ahmedabad for Urinating on Student’s Face Over Video

Fitness influencer Rajat Dalal, who is popular among Jats, stooped to a new low by abducting and assaulting an 18-year-old student for a harmless social media post. His appalling actions, which included urinating on the student’s face, have sparked widespread outrage.



Rajat Dalal

In a bizarre and shocking incident, fitness ‘influencer’ and ‘bodybuilder’ Rajat Dalal, who is popular among Jats, was arrested by Ahmedabad police for the abduction and brutal assault of an 18-year-old college student over a social media post..

The controversy began when the student posted a video on his social media account showing Rajat Dalal at the gym with a caption, “roz subha apna muh gym me dikhaker mera din kharab karta hai.” The post, which humorously mocked Dalal, quickly went viral. Enraged by the post, Dalal contacted the student, luring him to a meeting spot outside his society.

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When the student arrived, Dalal, along with his accomplices, allegedly abducted him. The student was subjected to a series of humiliating and violent acts. Reports state that Dalal forced the student to clean a toilet, smeared cow dung on his face, and physically assaulted him. In a particularly shocking display of cruelty, Dalal urinated on the student’s face while he was unconscious.

The ordeal didn’t end there. The fitness influencer and his friends continued to berate and assault the student, forcing him to apologize and call Dalal “Papa” on video. They even coerced him to do squats in front of his mother after dropping him off at home. Before leaving, Dalal allegedly threatened the student’s mother, boasting about his connections and claiming that the police were in his pocket.

“I would have killed him, but he’s too young, so I am sparing him. I am a Jat from Haryana. I have big connections here. The police can’t harm me; they are in my pocket,” Dalal reportedly told the victim’s mother.

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The student’s ordeal came to light when he posted a viral video on social media detailing the horrific incident. Following the viral video, a complaint was lodged at the Sabarmati Police Station in Ahmedabad, leading to an investigation and the subsequent arrest of Dalal and his three associates.

The police have charged Rajat Dalal and his friends with abduction and assault. The fitness influencer, known for his extreme fitness videos and boasting a million followers on Instagram, now faces severe backlash from the public and legal repercussions for his heinous actions.

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