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Abuse of Power

Meet Geromic George, the ‘Shameless’ IAS Officer Who Sidelined Patients for Personal Treatment at Home

In a blatant display of power abuse, Thiruvananthapuram’s District Collector demanded home treatment for a minor ailment, sidelining over 200 patients at the General Hospital, sparking outrage and calls for accountability among medical professionals.



Thiruvananthapuram: In a clear case of abuse of power that has sparked outrage among medical professionals, the District Collector of Thiruvananthapuram, Geromic George, is under fire for allegedly abusing his position by insisting on receiving medical treatment at home for a trivial ailment, thereby disrupting patient care at a local hospital.

The Kerala Government Medical Officers’ Association (KGMOA) has vehemently criticized the collector’s actions, describing them as an undue use of power that compromised the treatment of over 200 patients awaiting care at the General Hospital’s outpatient clinic. According to the association, a duty doctor was compelled to attend to the collector at his residence for a toenail fungal infection, a service demanded during peak hospital hours on Saturday.

“This is highly objectionable,” a KGMOA statement expressed.

“The collector abused his power by demanding treatment at home when patients were waiting to see the doctor. We will be forced to start protests if the doctors are treated this way.”

Initially, the district medical officer (DMO) had discouraged the collector’s request, but allegedly faced intimidation when the demand resurfaced, prompting compliance.

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Despite the growing controversy, Collector Geromic George has remained silent on the issue. The incident has not only led to local uproar but also caught the attention of higher authorities. The Chief Secretary of Kerala has stepped in, asking for a detailed report from the Secretary of the Health Department, signaling a need for transparency and possibly corrective measures.

The KGMOA has pointed out that such behavior not only undermines the ethics of public service but also puts unnecessary strain on healthcare providers and jeopardizes patient care. The association, along with the affected community, awaits further action as they highlight the need for accountability in public office.

Geromic George takes over as District Collector

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In a similar incident, an Indian Express report revealed a shocking incident where a stadium was evacuated so an IAS officer could walk his dog. The multi-discipline sporting complex, built for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, was emptied, forcing athletes to leave, highlighting misuse of authority and disruption of athletes’ routines.

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