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ChatGPT for UPSC Aspirants? Know all about ‘PAiGPT’



Greater Noida: Pinak Ai has launched PAiGPT, India’s first AI-powered conversational chatbot tailored for government exam aspirants. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this innovative tool is designed to transform the way aspirants access information and prepare for their exams.

Transforming Exam Preparation with AI

PAiGPT stands out as a revolutionary resource in the competitive exam landscape. This app allows users to engage in conversations, fetch real-time updates on current affairs, and even generate multiple-choice questions from the information provided. One of the unique features of PAiGPT is its ability to process images of newspaper editorials and produce concise summaries, making it extremely useful for students who need to digest large amounts of information quickly. The app is not only effective but also affordable, offering services at a cost less than the price of a morning chai, thereby reaching a broader audience of aspirants.

Developers are also enhancing the app’s capabilities by introducing multilingual support. Soon, it will be able to generate summaries in Hindi from English text, broadening its accessibility and utility for students across different regions.

The Bootstrapped Indian company Behind PAiGPT

Pinak Ai, the force behind PAiGPT, is a bootstrapped Indian company committed to leveraging generative AI technology to foster positive changes in various sectors including education, healthcare, and agriculture. The company aims to develop safe and reliable AI models that align with human values, ensuring that the benefits of technology can be enjoyed universally.

During a recent visit to Old Rajinder Nagar, a hub for UPSC coaching in Delhi, the Pinak Ai team received positive feedback from both students and educators, confirming the effectiveness and potential of PAiGPT. With its user-friendly interface available in Hindi and English, and its capability to deliver tailored and comprehensive responses, PAiGPT is not just a study aid but a game-changer in the field of competitive exam preparation.

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