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Ghostly Approval: This New App Lets You Post for Invisible Fans



In a world where the quest for social media validation can feel like a full-time job, a new player has entered the scene, flipping the script on traditional social media norms. Meet Palmsy, the brainchild of developer Pat Nakajima, an app that’s shaking up the digital world by catering to an audience of none. Yes, you heard it right—none.

Palmsy offers a unique twist on the social media experience by allowing users to post content for followers who don’t actually exist. Forget the anxiety of real-world judgment; Palmsy’s users are free to express themselves without fear of critique, as their audience is entirely fictional.

The app cleverly uses information from the user’s contact list to generate “followers” who, in reality, never see the posts. Likes and interactions are randomly generated, providing the user with a harmless dose of dopamine, without the usual social media side effects. According to Palmsy’s creators, the app is “all just for fun,” ensuring that privacy concerns are a non-issue, as “nothing ever leaves your device.”

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Designed for those who relish the act of sharing thoughts and basking in the glow of acknowledgment, or perhaps for anyone seeking a private diary that applauds back, Palmsy is available for free. In a world where social media can sometimes feel like a battleground for approval, Palmsy offers a refreshing retreat into a carefree digital paradise where every post is a hit, and your followers are always keen to hear more from you.

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