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US and UK Impose Sanctions on Chinese Hackers Amid Global Cyber Espionage Concerns

US and UK sanction Chinese hackers for global espionage, targeting politicians and journalists. New Zealand also affected.



ड्रैगन की चाल! बॉर्डर पर तनाव के बीच चीनी Hackers ने अगस्त से मार्च के बीच लद्दाख में पावर ग्रीड को बनाया निशाना: रिपोर्ट

The United States and the United Kingdom have taken action against Chinese hackers accused of a vast espionage campaign. These hackers, reportedly part of China’s Ministry of State Security, have been targeting politicians, journalists, and Beijing critics worldwide.

The revelations about the extent of these cyber-attacks were made public on Monday, with New Zealand also blaming Chinese state-sponsored hackers for a significant 2021 cyber breach affecting its government systems.

Who’s Behind the Hacking?

The cyber-attacks have been linked to a group known as Advanced Persistent Threat 31 (APT 31), also called Zirconium among other names. This group operates from Wuhan, China, and has been involved in numerous high-profile cyber-attacks, including targeting the personal emails of Joe Biden’s campaign staff in 2020.

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Targets and Techniques

APT 31’s cyber espionage has broadly targeted private individuals, companies, and government officials critical to national security and economic interests. Their methods include sophisticated phishing attacks designed to steal sensitive information. The US and UK have outlined multiple incidents where APT 31 compromised millions of voters’ personal details and conducted reconnaissance on UK parliamentarians.

International Impact and Response

The hacking operations have had a global impact, with countries like New Zealand identifying separate Chinese state-backed groups compromising their systems. The US and UK’s sanctions, along with New Zealand’s condemnation, highlight the international community’s growing concerns over state-sponsored cyber espionage.

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China’s Denial

Despite the accusations and sanctions, China denies any involvement in these cyber-attacks, insisting it opposes all forms of cyber aggression.

The Way Forward

The recent sanctions and public accusations signal a heightened awareness and response to cyber threats posed by state-sponsored actors. As cyber espionage continues to evolve, international collaboration and strong cybersecurity practices will be crucial in defending against such pervasive threats to security and democracy.


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