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Astrotalk – A Fraud in the Name of Astrology? Popular YouTuber Rips Apart the Platform in Viral Video

The video, which has been viewed over 1.6 million times on YouTube, has led to severe criticism of Astrotalk.



Astrotalk - A Fraud in the Name of Astrology? Popular YouTuber Rips Apart the Platform in Viral Video

Atrotalk, that claims to be a marketplace that connects consumers to ‘astrologers’ for horoscope readings, birth chart analysis, live prayers and more, has come under severe scrutiny following an exposé by ‘Gyan Therapy’, a popular Youtuber who boasts a subscriber base of over 3 million on Youtube. The YouTuber did an ‘Sting’ operation targeting several self-proclaimed astrologers affiliated with Atrotalk’s platform.

Gyan Therapy’s sting operation involved setting up interactions with these astrologers through the Atrotalk app, where he provided accurate personal details. One exchange featured an ‘astrologer’ named Mohit, who assured Gyan Therapy of imminent employment prospects and the speedy recovery of his supposedly sick mother. However, the narrative took a grim turn when it was disclosed that the YouTuber’s mother had passed away two months prior, casting doubt on Mohit’s legitimacy as an astrologer.

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UPSC Aspirant Turned ‘Astrologer’

Further into the sting, Gyan Therapy engaged with another Atrotalk ‘astrologer’, Ashok. Upon revealing his true identity during their recorded conversation, it emerged that Ashok was, in reality, a UPSC aspirant moonlighting as an astrologer for extra income.

The revelations of Gyan Therapy’s investigation bring to light the broader issues surrounding platforms such as Atrotalk. The YouTuber highlighted the potential exploitation of vulnerable individuals seeking solace or guidance during challenging life phases, such as unemployment or personal crises, indicating a predatory aspect of Atrotalk’s service.

Rs. 125 Crore Profit and Rs. 166 Crore in Funding

Notably, Atrotalk’s Founder Puneet Gupta previously touted the platform’s large customer base, claiming to have ‘served’ over 4 crore individuals and projecting significant profit margins of upwards of Rs. 125 Crore for the fiscal year 2024. Furthermore, the ‘spiritual’ tech venture announced a considerable financial milestone in February, securing over Rs. 160 Crores during a Series A funding round led by Left Lane Capital, a venture capital entity specializing in burgeoning consumer and internet tech firms based out of New York.


The company has also been associated with Elvish Yadav, a controversial figure on YouTube known for endorsing various betting applications. Yadav’s promotional activities for Atrotalk have brought additional scrutiny to the platform’s credibility and ethical standing.

This incident raises crucial questions about the responsibility of digital platforms in ensuring the authenticity of their services and protecting consumers from potential fraud. It also sparks a conversation about the ethical implications of profiting from the hopes and vulnerabilities of people seeking spiritual guidance.

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