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Promised Paradise, Found War: Shocking Truth Behind “High-Paying Jobs” in Russia

– CBI arrests reveal human trafficking network sending Indians to Russian army.
– Victims lured with job promises, forced into combat roles; investigation ongoing.



Human Trafficking Case Involving Recruitment for Russian Army

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has cracked down on a major human trafficking network, arresting four individuals accused of luring Indian nationals with promises of high-paying jobs in Russia, only to send them to fight in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Arun, from Trivandrum, Kerala, and Yesudas Junior, also known as Priyan, have been taken into custody under multiple charges, including human trafficking, cheating, and conspiracy. These arrests follow the earlier capture of Nijil Jobi Bensam from Kanyakumari and Anthony Michael Elangovan from Mumbai, both of whom are currently in judicial custody.

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This case came to light when the CBI registered a First Information Report (FIR) on March 6, 2024, after uncovering a major trafficking operation. The network, utilizing platforms like YouTube and local agents, deceived young individuals with promises of high-paying jobs abroad, only to train them for military activities and deploy them to front-line bases in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“Many of these individuals were coerced into dangerous situations against their will, and some have suffered severe injuries,” a CBI spokesperson reported. The operation reveals the dark side of private visa consultancy firms and agents who exploit the aspirations of young job seekers.

Key figures in the network include Nijil Jobi Bensam, who worked as a translator in Russia and facilitated the recruitment of Indian nationals into the Russian military. Michael Anthony assisted in visa processing and travel arrangements from Chennai, in collaboration with Dubai-based Faisal Baba and other associates in Russia.

Network’s Organization and Key Players

The investigation revealed a well-organized network with members spread across India and possibly beyond.

  • Nijil Jobi Bensam: Working as a contractual translator in Russia, Bensam allegedly played a crucial role in facilitating the recruitment of Indian nationals for the Russian Army.
  • Anthony Michael Elangovan: Elangovan is accused of aiding a Dubai-based co-conspirator named Faisal Baba and others in Russia by processing visas in Chennai and booking flights for the victims to travel to Russia.
  • Arun and Yesudas Junior: These individuals are believed to be the primary recruiters targeting Indian nationals from Kerala and Tamil Nadu for the Russian Army.

The investigation continues to target other members of this international trafficking ring, as authorities work to bring all involved to justice and prevent further exploitation of Indian citizens.

This case highlights the critical need for vigilance against human trafficking and the importance of scrutinizing overseas employment offers. The CBI urges the public to report any suspicious activities or offers related to foreign employment to help combat such illegal operations.

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