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Cash, Gold Seized in CBI Raid: This FSSAI Assistant Director Caught Taking Bribe

– CBI arrests FSSAI Assistant Director and three others in bribery scandal involving Rs. 1.20 lakh.
– Searches reveal Rs. 37.3 lakh cash, 45g gold in ongoing investigation into FSSAI corruption case.



Cash, Gold Seized in CBI Raid: FSSAI Assistant Director Caught Taking Bribe

In a crackdown on corruption within governmental agencies, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested an Assistant Director of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and three others in Mumbai. The arrests were made during an operation in which the individuals were allegedly exchanging a bribe amounting to Rs. 1.20 lakh.

The Assistant Director, positioned at the FSSAI Regional Office in Mumbai, along with two representatives from a private company based in Thane—a Director and a Senior Manager—were caught in the act of handling the illicit transaction. A fourth person, another company representative, was also involved in the bribery scheme, aimed at securing the clearance of pending company bills.

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The CBI had previously registered a case against these individuals following allegations of ongoing corrupt practices. The Assistant Director was accused of exploiting his role to illicitly demand and accept bribes from Food Business Operators in return for dishonestly facilitating official approvals.

Acting on these allegations, the CBI set a trap and apprehended the Assistant Director while accepting the bribe directly from the Senior Manager of the Thane-based company. The operation also led to the subsequent arrest of the company’s Director.

Further investigations included searches at the office and residential premises of the accused, where authorities uncovered approximately Rs. 37.3 lakh in cash, about 45 grams of gold, and several documents related to immovable properties and other incriminating evidence.

The arrested individuals were presented before a competent court and have been placed in police custody until May 8, 2024, as the investigation continues.

This case highlights the ongoing efforts by Indian law enforcement to tackle corruption in critical sectors, including food safety, which directly impacts public health and safety. The CBI’s proactive approach in setting traps and conducting thorough searches showcases their commitment to upholding integrity within public services.


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