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From Hidden Compartments to Body Concealment: How Mumbai Customs Cracked Multi-Crore Smuggling Syndicate

Mumbai Customs’ big catch: Rs. 10.60 Crore in gold, diamonds, and foreign currencies seized at CSMIA. Details inside.



From Hidden Compartments to Body Concealment: How Mumbai Customs Cracked Multi-Crore Smuggling Syndicate

MUMBAI: In a major crackdown on illegal contraband trafficking, the Airport Commissionerate, Mumbai Customs Zone III, executed a series of operations from March 20 to 22, leading to the seizure of contraband valued at approximately Rs. 10.60 Crore. The operations spanned across eight distinct cases, culminating in the recovery of foreign currencies equivalent to Rs. 5.36 Crore, diamonds worth Rs. 3.75 Crore, and 2.59 kilograms of gold valued at Rs. 1.49 Crore.

The operation kicked off with intelligence reports about the movement of foreign currency and diamonds at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA). Acting on this tip-off, customs officers identified a suspect bound for Bangkok on Thai Lion Air Flight No. SL-219. Through meticulous surveillance and subsequent baggage examination, officers unearthed ingeniously concealed foreign currencies, including USD, UK Pound, Euro, and NZ Dollars, totaling Rs. 5.36 Crore.

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In a related discovery, the handbag of another passenger on the same flight yielded three pouches of diamonds, wrapped in black adhesive tape and hidden within a trouser pocket, valuing Rs. 3.75 Crore. Three individuals involved in these initial cases have been arrested, with further investigations underway.

The subsequent cases involved ingenious methods of gold smuggling. Two Indian nationals arriving from Dubai on Emirates Flight EK 500 were caught with 24 KT gold jewelry, collectively weighing 1589.00 grams, concealed on their bodies and within their clothing. Another case involved an Indian national from Jeddah, found with 24 KT gold bars weighing 255.00 grams concealed in his abdomen.

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Further seizures included gold jewelry found on individuals arriving from Muscat, Kuwait, and another Dubai flight, with the contraband cleverly concealed on their persons or within their clothing.

These seizures underscore the relentless efforts of the Mumbai Customs to curb the illegal influx of foreign currency, precious stones, and metals, highlighting the sophisticated methods employed by smugglers and the equally adept countermeasures by customs officials. The operations not only represent a significant blow to contraband trafficking networks but also showcase the dedication and vigilance of Mumbai Customs in safeguarding the nation’s economic boundaries.


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