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From Greater Noida to Europe: Inside Details Of Multi-Crore-Worthy Drug Syndicate!

Greater Noida became a hub for international drug manufacturing, with police busting meth labs and seizing drugs worth hundreds of crores.



Greater Noida Emerges as a Hub for International Drug Manufacturing

GREATER NOIDA: In a series of high-stakes operations spanning the past year, the Greater Noida police have dismantled three methamphetamine labs operated by foreign nationals, uncovering a drug nexus with tentacles stretching across continents. More than 100 kilograms of high-grade drugs, valued at several hundred crores, have been seized in these crackdowns.

The most recent operation, executed on April 17, led to the arrest of four Nigerian nationals and the seizure of 26.67 kilograms of methylenedioxyphenethylamine (MDMA), commonly known as ecstasy or molly, estimated to be worth Rs 100 crore. This raid follows two major busts in May of the previous year, where police uncovered over 75 kilograms of MDMA in separate yet linked operations, arresting approximately a dozen foreigners. The street value of the narcotics from these earlier raids is believed to exceed Rs 350 crore.

Authorities suggest that these findings represent just the “tip of the iceberg” of a larger international drug syndicate. Police investigations reveal that the meth was manufactured in “pure form” by foreigners stationed at the lower levels of this network. The narcotics were then distributed to contacts in Delhi, and from there, smuggled into Europe through channels that remain under investigation.

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An officer involved in the investigation detailed the process: “Using raw materials supplied from Delhi, the accused in Greater Noida processed the meth. It was then dried, solidified into bricks, and distributed to networks in Delhi on a strictly need-to-know basis.”

Greater Noida’s appeal as a manufacturing base is attributed to its semi-isolated residential facilities and strategic connectivity to Delhi. “The rented houses were chosen for their secluded locations and open areas on three sides, minimizing the risk of the pungent smell from the drug processing attracting nearby residents,” another officer explained.

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The availability of certain raw materials, like Ephedrine—a regulated medication under the NDPS Act—also factors into the location’s attractiveness for such illegal activities. Despite strict regulations, Ephedrine fetches a high price on the black market, costing ₹80,000 to ₹90,000 per kilogram, but can sell for Rs 2 to Rs 3 lakh. This stark difference in cost structure offers a lucrative margin for those involved in the illicit trade.

Innovative methods have been employed to smuggle the finished product. During their investigations, police found that lesser-known shopping apps were used to send the drugs, often concealed within the soles of shoes, hair extensions, or textile bales, to destinations abroad.

As the police delve deeper into the local procurement chains for ingredients like Ephedrine and the broader operational tactics of this syndicate, they aim to dismantle the international routes used to distribute these narcotics. All suspects arrested in relation to these cases are currently held in custody, awaiting further legal proceedings. The ongoing investigations serve as a stark reminder of the complex and hidden world of international drug trafficking and the continuous efforts required to combat it.


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