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NCB and Gujarat ATS Conduct Joint Ops to Bust Major Drug Manufacturing Rings. Full Story Inside.



Gujarat: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), in a joint operation with the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of Gujarat, has dismantled an extensive network of Mephedrone manufacturing labs in Gujarat and Rajasthan. This extensive operation, codenamed ‘Prayogshala-I’, has been hailed as an example of seamless coordination between state and central agencies.

The Rs. 300 Crore ‘Sting’
Over three months of surveillance culminated in the wee hours of the morning on the 27th of April, 2024, with simultaneous raids at three suspected labs. This action has led to a whopping seizure of drugs valued at approximately Rs. 300 crore, including 149 kilograms of Mephedrone and significant quantities of Ephedrine and Acetone. The tip-off about the labs was received by ATS Gujarat from a confidential source. Vigilant ground and technical surveillance pinpointed the perpetrators and their secret manufacturing hubs, culminating in the operation that took down the underground drug network.

Scenes from one of the raided sights.

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Kingpin Still at Large
While seven culprits have been nabbed, the kingpin of the network is still in the crosshairs. As the agencies continue to scour for more evidence, another location in Gandhinagar has been identified, and raids are ongoing. The authorities are not just uprooting the local menace but are also tracing any possible national or international connections that the racket might have. Mephedrone, infamously known by street names like ‘drone’, ‘M-CAT’, and ‘meow meow’, is a synthetic drug causing havoc in the local drug market due to very high rates of addiction.

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