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750+ Applications For Cyber Warriors: FCRF to Host Virtual Meet-up for State Chapter Volunteers



The Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) has received an incredible response to its call for state chapters, with over 750 applications pouring in from across the nation. This exciting expansion marks a new chapter in securing India’s digital future.

Volunteers: The Warriors of Digital Safety

The FCRF calls its volunteers “warriors” because of their crucial role in fighting digital crime. These volunteers will work on the ground to raise awareness, build capacity, and help adapt new technologies to local needs.

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Virtual Meeting to Kickstart the Mission

To ensure all volunteers are on the same page, the FCRF will host an online meeting on Sunday, May 26th, from 11 AM to 1 PM. This session will focus on defining the roles and responsibilities of the volunteers, emphasizing the importance of their duties and the ethical standards they need to follow.

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This online session will be a great opportunity to:

  • Meet Your Fellow Warriors: Connect with other volunteers in your state and across India who are passionate about online safety.
  • Learn the Ropes: Get clear information on your role as a volunteer, including your responsibilities and best practices to follow.
  • Become an Expert: Gain valuable knowledge on “dos and don’ts” to ensure the successful implementation of chapter initiatives.

What are FCRF State Chapters?

Imagine a network of local heroes working together to make your online world safer. That’s the idea behind FCRF state chapters! These chapters will be hubs for various initiatives designed to keep you and your community safe online. Here’s what you can expect:

Free Training & Workshops: Learn how to protect yourself from cyber threats through workshops and training sessions organized by your local chapter.

ALSO READ: Join the Movement: Future Crime Research Foundation Launches State Chapters to Build a Cyber-Safe India

Awareness Campaigns: Stay informed about the latest cyber scams and security threats through informative campaigns.

Building Your Tech Savvy: FCRF will advocate for the use of advanced technologies by local police forces, further strengthening cybersecurity measures.

With this national expansion and its dedicated network of volunteers, FCRF is well on its way to creating a more secure digital landscape for all of India. So, stay tuned for exciting initiatives from your local FCRF chapter, and remember, you can play a part in making the online world a safer space!

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