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India’s DoT Initiates AI-Powered Platform to Combat Mobile Number Frauds



India's DoT Initiates AI-Powered Platform to Combat Mobile Number Frauds

New Delhi: In a bid to combat fraud using inactive mobile numbers, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is developing a platform where banks and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) can verify disconnected numbers. This initiative aims to enhance security and prevent misuse of such numbers for fraudulent activities.

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AI-Powered Platform:

Telecom Secretary, Neeraj Mittal, announced the development of the platform on Friday. He explained that the platform will gather data from telecom operators and leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and flag disconnected mobile numbers. This information will then be shared with entities like banks and UIDAI, enabling them to take necessary action against potential fraud.

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Addressing Identity Concerns:

Mittal highlighted the importance of mobile numbers as a common identifier and communication channel. He emphasized that the new platform seeks to address concerns around identity theft and fraud associated with deactivated numbers.

Leveraging 5G Technology:

Mittal further emphasized the role of India’s rapid 5G rollout in enabling AI-powered solutions within the telecom sector. He stated that the high-speed, low-latency, and reliable nature of 5G would facilitate effective implementation of these solutions.

Additional AI Applications:

Mittal elaborated on other AI applications being explored within the telecom sector. He mentioned initiatives like:

  • Ensuring compliance with licensing conditions.
  • Preventing fraud at the point of sale.
  • Improving the overall reliability of the telecom ecosystem.

Combating SIM Fraud with ASTR:

One key initiative highlighted by Mittal is the Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition powered Solution for Telecom SIM Subscriber Verification (ASTR). This solution aims to identify and eliminate fraudulent mobile connections.

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Success of ASTR:

Mittal shared the success of ASTR in identifying and eliminating duplicate SIM cards. He stated that the system has identified 60 lakh duplicate faces, with 50 lakh deactivated after re-verification.

Regulation and Ethical Considerations:

Mittal acknowledged the need for regulation in the field of AI, emphasizing its importance in using technology for the benefit of citizens. He stressed the need to bridge the digital divide and ensure responsible use of AI for good.

Cross-sectoral Collaboration:

Mittal mentioned the government’s commitment to addressing AI concerns through cross-sectoral programs. He highlighted the role of the Indian government in taking the lead in creating ethical standards for AI adoption.

Standardization Efforts:

Mittal also spoke about the initiatives led by the Telecom Standards Organization of India (TSO) to promote the ethical use of AI. This includes publishing relevant documents and collaborating with academic institutions like IIT Delhi.

Impact and Future Prospects:

The launch of the platform and other AI initiatives by DoT marks a significant step in enhancing security and preventing fraud within the Indian telecom sector. These advancements have the potential to not only improve consumer safety but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the digital economy.

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