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Cyber Crime Helpline: Reporting Cyber Crime In India? Keep This Information Ready Before Calling 1930!



Cyber Crime Helpline: Reporting Cyber Crime In India? Keep This Information Ready Before Calling 1930!

NEW DELHI: First things first. In case of any financial cyber fraud or cyber crime, immediately dial the dedicated helpline number 1930 to report the case. Another way to report any cyber crime is by visiting and following the instructions on the website to lodge a complaint or track status of it.

But so far it has turned out that calling 1930 is easier and more preferred mode of reporting Financial cyber crimes or online monetary frauds.

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While there has been a dramatic rise in the number of cyber crimes, the dedicated helpline and website along with a more proactive investigation by the police help victims of such offenses.

However, for ensuring the success of investigations in cases of cyber crimes, the onus lies on the victim. The most essential part of solving a cyber crime lies in the reporting of the complaint. That’s right. If you are able to report the crime in a sorted manner, half the battle is won.

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So, here we are sharing some essential tips that one must know before dialing 1930 to report a cyber crime. These tips will help save you a lot of hassle and stress.

Keep Note Of These Following Things Before Calling Helpline 1930:

1.            Victim’s Name

You would think that who gets their name wrong! But believe us, victims reeling under pressure of financial fraud or crimes, have at times misspelled even their own names. So be careful. Keep calm and just mention your full name.

2.            Victim’s Mobile Number

Yes, that’s required. Make sure you do not get any digits wrong or sequence misplaced. It’s a simple thing.

3.            Nearest Police Station

Please try to find out which one is your nearest police station. This information is required for investigation of official communication purposes.

4.            District

That’s an easy one. You know it, just mention it.

5.            Name Of Bank

Here you are required to mention the name of your bank whose account came under attack of thugs.

6.            Amount Debited

Mention the amount of financial loss caused to you. Try to provide exact amount of total loss. Additional information like break up of figures, if loss caused in installments, will also help.

7.            Account Number/Wallet Merchant, UPI ID From Which The Amount Is Debited

Please mention your account number or mobile wallet ID or the UPI ID from which the money got deducted fraudulently.

8.            Transaction IDs Of Each Fraudulent Transaction

Here you have to be careful. Usually this detail comes in the SMS.

9.            Brief Of How Fraud Has Happened

This is crucial. Here you have to describe the circumstances and events of the fraud. Try to be clear, simple and brief in your description. This will help investigators and, in turn, help you.

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