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Russian-Linked Hackers Target US Nuclear Research Labs With Phishing Campaign



Russian-Linked Hackers Target US Nuclear Research Labs With Phishing Campaign

Three nuclear research institutes in the United States were hacked by Russian hackers. According to Reuters, a group called Cold River conducted a phishing effort last summer targeted experts at the Brookhaven, Argonne, and Lawrence Livermore laboratories in an attempt to obtain credentials.

These incidents are thought to have occurred in August and September, around the time that UN experts visited a nuclear power facility in Ukraine, which is still under Russian administration. After severe bombardment in the area, experts hoped to help prevent a calamity.

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It is unknown whether the phishing attempts were successful or why the hackers attempted to enter the labs’ networks. Cold River, on the other hand, was “engaged in actively aiding the Kremlin’s information operations,” according to Adam Meyers, senior vice president of intelligence at cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

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The group leaked emails from the former head of MI-6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service, last year. Cold River is also accused of targeting non-governmental organisations that investigate war crimes. According to reports, such a campaign was initiated around the time the UN commission stated that Russian soldiers were liable for war crimes and human rights breaches during the aggressor’s invasion of Ukraine.

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