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MHA To Launch New Center for Real-Time Fight Against Cyber Financial Fraud After Lok Sabha Elections, Details Inside

India fights back against cyber fraud! Govt to launch a real-time Cyber Fraud Mitigation Centre. Banks, telcos & social media join forces to tackle online financial scams.



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New Delhi: In a move to combat the rising threat of cyber financial fraud, the Ministry of Home Affairs is planning to establish a dedicated center for real-time intervention. This new wing, called the Cyber Fraud Mitigation Centre (CFMC), will be set up under the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C) after the Lok Sabha elections.

Breaking Down Silos for Faster Action

Currently, various stakeholders involved in tackling online fraud, including banks, telecom service providers, IT companies, social media platforms, and law enforcement agencies, operate from separate offices. This fragmented approach often leads to communication delays and hinders the process of investigating and stopping financial fraud.

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The CFMC aims to address this issue by bringing all these stakeholders together under one roof. “Almost two dozen representatives of major banks, five telecom service providers, law enforcement officials, and representatives from IT and social media companies will be positioned at the CFMC,” said a senior official to media. This centralized approach will facilitate near real-time coordination, allowing for a swifter response to cyber-enabled financial crimes.

Benefits for Both Agencies and Victims

The official emphasized the importance of seamless cooperation between various organizations. “The CFMC will fulfill this requirement by bringing everyone together, eliminating delays in the process,” they stated. This streamlined approach is expected to lead to a significant reduction in financial losses due to cyber fraud. Estimates suggest that agencies could potentially recover around 11% more of the stolen money once the CFMC becomes operational. Additionally, victims may experience faster recovery of their stolen funds.

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Building on Existing Initiatives

The CFMC is an extension of the government’s ongoing efforts to combat cybercrime. The I4C is already developing the Citizen Financial Cyberfrauds Reporting and Management System (CFCFRMS) as part of the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP). This system allows citizens to report online financial fraud directly, enabling law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to take swift action and potentially prevent the transfer of stolen funds.

The establishment of the CFMC signifies the government’s commitment to tackling the growing menace of cyber financial fraud. This centralized approach, coupled with existing initiatives like the CFCFRMS, promises a more robust and coordinated defense against online financial crimes.

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