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Cyber Fraud Victims to get refund through Lok Adalat in this State…



Telangana has achieved a significant milestone in cybersecurity by becoming the first state in the country to establish a fully functional 1930 Helpline, administered by the Telangana Cyber Security Bureau (TSCSB). This helpline serves as a vital platform for citizens to report instances of financial cyber frauds, underscoring the state’s commitment to safeguarding its residents from online scams.

The TSCSB’s proactive measures have earned Telangana a position among the top 5 states in the nation for freezing or holding victims’ money in fraudsters’ bank accounts. The timely intervention of TSCSB Call Centre and NCRP Monitoring Officers has played a pivotal role in preventing further financial losses when a financial cybercrime is reported.

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In an effort to streamline the process of refunding lost funds to victims of cybercrimes, the TSCSB, in collaboration with the Telangana State Legal Services Authority (TSLSA), has developed simplified Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidelines. These protocols aim to ensure that victims receive their refunds promptly and without encountering undue delays or hardships.

To expedite the resolution of cases where victims’ funds are frozen in the bank accounts of cyber fraudsters, Telangana has taken the innovative approach of clearing such cases through Lok Adalat. In a historic development, the national Lok Adalat has addressed 546 such cases, resulting in the refund of over Rs. 2 crore to 546 victims.

Moving forward, Telangana remains committed to continuing this procedure to provide restitution to victims of financial cybercrimes promptly. In addition to these measures, citizens are advised to exercise caution and follow preventive measures, such as refraining from responding to calls or messages from unknown individuals, avoiding clicking on suspicious links, and keeping personal information confidential.

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